So COOL and HONOURED that Lust For blood/Bad Start is now for different weeks on national radios on hot ratiotion,

And in different charts like in Germany in the top 25 of radio Eins, and in Austria on major radio 4FM in their top 20


Hi there crazzzzy blog-reading people … welcome..we kicked of the first winter-tour

first stop was Amsterdam (Brakke Grond)..wicked place that is..Amsterdam..we arrived perfectly on time, nothing to be said about that..didn’t have any jams what-so-ever..which is strange..but the saying goes in Belgium, don’t look at the teeth of a horse you get for free..

here’s the machine with his new look..we are now calling him ‚Le Type Artistique’..just because we can.

the vibe is good, nice warm welcome, lovely crew



had a lovely first concert, met some nice people as always, the beer was great (Belgian..sorry).. and around 12-ish we headed for the and good as we are..


we didn’t want to make it TOO late, as you can understand, it’s the first one of the, we had a map and everything, even a full operative global positioning system ..but….strangely enough.. we didn’t have the right address..fishy one could say ..  it took us about half an hour to figure out what was going on..wrong WRONG we started walking the streets of A’dam, along the canals..romantic one could say..but we saw it a tiny bit different this time.. like heavy overloaded mules we dragged ourselves and our bags, guitars and violins onwards..ON TO THE NEXT..and finally around 1.30 am we arrived..@ the perception of the ‘right’ hotel..CHECK..ok all is well..hit the sack around 2-ish



a good night sleep, and off we drove in the early Hollandish morning..720 km to’s like a walk in the park (that’s what Peter keeps on repeating seems he’s having some internal disk problems..we’ll have to check on that later)

Eva is wide awake..but le type artistique is not the earliest bird today..I wander if it has anything to do with the way he enjoyed the belgian beers…

we’ll leave him be in peace for now..anyway

after the walk in the park of 730 km, we arrived nicely in the city called Chemnitz (used to be called Karl Marx Stadt)..nice city, and great old newspaper-building..lovely

..we had a walk in the park through the soundcheck..had a tasty hot dinner, and headed for the hotel, to take the occasional before-the-show-thorium-power-nap

it was a lovely cosy hotel with a 4-bedroom-chamber..nice vibe..Peter fed us some of his pills (Vitamins he got from his worried mummy, he said it was perfect for a walk in the we didn’t bother to ask more, and just dug in) we were steaming..Peter however, when taking a close look at this picture, has a strange reaction to it…hmm

On to the venue..we kicked off around 11-ish..had a wonderful sweaty experience as usual..nice to see the machine (not only the person called le type artistique) rolling again


we didn’t want to make it too late (responsible young divers we are) but we couldn’t help ourselves, and so we fell in the old routine of after-show-hotel-room-last-one-before-bed-time-drink.

lovely bunch of crazy-ass-people we have with us..type artistique & Peter (Pjöter for the inside crowd) Eva and me are so glad they exist, that we had to share this with you..

we unpacked the acoustic guitar, and played some tunes from Gorki From Belgium Baby! a band close to our hearts..bassplayer Biezeman is our rock’n roll godfather, and there was this terrible news..Luc De Vos (singer of the band) passed away last saturday..and the funeral is sad..and we can’t make it..but we’ll drink to your health and howl at the moon!! may the whirlwinds be in your sails Vos!!


we got up, (2 of us that is, Machien and Eva didn’t feel the brightness of this morning glory), frühstück, since the early bird and so on..

we opened our mails, and got some great news..

Lust for blood (new single) is in the charts on FM4 radio-station in Austria, AND on rotation on several other great radio’s..also Bad Start (B-side of the single) is on HOT ROTATION BABYyy on Radio Eins in Germany…how cool is that..

so one can say we were sort of walking on feathery clouds for the rest of the day

we started jumping around a ping pong table, and did some crazy exercises..good vibes..

on to Crailsheim

(it’s only but 310 we can’t even call it a walk in the’s more a walk to the sofa..) our new radio (the other one broke down) was having troubles of the famous saying by le type artistique..Bloedheet! Pjöter you can see..a man with a plan!


Met up with Harald Haas, the owner of the venue..great guy..we played there 2 years ago, and it feels like homecoming…soundcheck? Check, Hotel? Check, dinner? check, after-show-premature-power-nappie? check….on stage? CHECK

warm lovely craaazzy audience..we added some more juice, and sweat all over the place..

afterwards, with daisy (she’s still with us..and even with these temperatures, she refuses to wear clothes..I think she’s hitting on the machine..excuse me, le type artistique..

anyhow, nice merch-talking-buying-after-show-gin-tonic-wise-moments..there should be some nice pics around of the show and soundcheck..but for some reason they were erased from type artistique his camera..anyhow.. CRAILSHEIM you were wicked!

packed our gear and took off to the hotel (for the full 167 meter..that’s right..I counted my footsteps, multiplied it by 3 minus 24 plus the square root of 11, so don’t tell me I’m not a genius! you, youè!hslkdfljsldkf)

couldn’t help ourselves, and had to see what was inside the mini-bar ..

result is 1 down the following morning..I will not be tempted to tell you who..but the person got up on the wrong side of the bed with a wrong angry white cat called ‘Zulu’, scratching the brain..

ok, no worries, 3 other soldiers up and running, on to the frühstück-zimmer, and made some extra sandwiches, snuged them secretively behind my back, upstairs, to give to the fallen one


today is an off day…in every sense of the word..

no worries

there is hope

on to the next one

Next stop is INNSBRUCK…see you there lovely girlzz&boyzz



news on new single

Great news dear boyz and girlz! Lust For Blood had a nicely nice start..we’re in the charts on  FM4 (Austria) and Radio Eins (Germany) hotrotation baby :-) here’s the video

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.


NEW SINGLE ‘Lust for Blood’ premiered here on

more news soon!








Belgian National Newspaper ‘De Standaard’ streams our new video






Firecrackers New entry this week in Germany’s Top 100 National College Charts!! and in alternative Austrian Charts on Nr 16!

Airplay Charts_DeutschlandHochschulsender_Top100_2014-35


Tourblog AT, CH, DE

it was amazingly warm when we left for we had a stop every half an hour, and put our asses down in the green Austrian grazz (thank you Grazz, you were nice)

Vienna was as beautiful as we left it somewhat 9 months ago


checked out the venue, met up with lovely Martin and Andi, checked the sound, Marcel did his magic, and Machien did some fixing here and there on our stuff, and checked out the light-system to get it all up and running..crossed the street for a great dinner, had a dessert which was Machien’s idea..too much for all of us, anyway, tried to find the hotel..not easy, and every street was packed with police..bit anxious-looking to the white belgian van crossing all over town..

took us an hour to find the hotel..tried to check in but nobody there..we were running out of time..tried to find the venue again..not a simple task..our gps had it’s day off I suppose

anyway, arrived, but missed out on both the support-bands..too bad

had a good time on stage

the usual after show-drink was refused by a woman behind the bar..some bad waitering you could say..which made me a bit nervous..some other guy bought us the drinks anyway.. thank you man!! and up your sass miss bad-ASS-waitress

packed the van, said goodbye, and had a nightcap at the hotel’s terras

hit the sack around 2.30 am, so that gave us about 3 hours of sleep

but the early birds that we are had no trouble at all (or maybe Eva and Peter-Marcel did ‚cause they were very silent in the back)

no trouble there, hit the road for the next 800 Km to Luzern Switzerland!!



arrived at Schüür, met up with Utzi, Tom and Fran

Check Check Check, Peter Marcel was very happy in his UFO-Console





hit the sack for an hour after a lovely spanish dinner, which ended up with a sad animal-story..

We had been on a constant Foodora binge and needed to get out of the house for once, so here we were sitting outside having our coffee after dinner, and we saw a big queen bee having some trouble getting out of the restaurant…we were about to go in to help it a little when this big macho came to close in on the bee with his electronic racket..he killed it without blinking his eyes..

I started swearing in Flemish…but it was too late..

anyway, show had to go on, so there we were on stage, enjoying our time, and we forgot all about this sad happening as if it did not happen










we were pretty beaten MAchien and me..due to heavy driving and no sleep what so ever

so we did the usual aftershow things obviously, loaded the van, said goodbye to the great warm crew of Schüür, and went in for a thousand years of sleep

did’t think we would ran into these weird Canadians while having our night cap in the hotel though..a bit annoying you could say, especially their loudness and ignorance..sorry dear readers but it has to be said, these canadians were utterly boring and self-centred

anyway, Eva and me we hit the sack, while M&M kept on talking, or better, listening to the Canadians

didn’t took them very long though to escape, and they hit the sack also




rise and shine

off to THun

the exhaustion is still a bit in our clothes as we say it in Flemish

but it’s only 1 hour drive today..!!!cooliio






Hotel Check, Lake Check CHECK!!





we went straight to the lake around 2 pm, Marcel and me jumped in (M was the bravest I must say..

it took me some adjustments and a stick to keep the swans away..)

it was FFFFFFrrrrrEEEEzzzzingly cold water

the swans didn’t like us either, so they tried to encircle us and drive us out..they won



BLOODY lovely beautiful DANGEROUS swans

anyway, we went in for another go, nice nice

when we were about to head for the hotel for a little power nap..we saw the sign saying how dangerous it is to swim without a proper warm up of the could say we were lucky twice..not to drown, nor to be eaten by the swans

long story short



off to the most famous Rock’nroll legendary man in Switserland

met up with Mr Beat @ Caffee Bar Mokka

wicked wicked

Check sound

Check Dino @ the sound-console

Check Dinos everywhere

Check Check lovely lovely dinner


I was a bit dizzy and think it might have to do with the pretty heavy tour we’re doing




Machien did his thang as usual with greatness and than we mounted the stage..

apparently my mind was still in I said Hi Luzern, and kept on saying strange things like..we like to be here in Luzern, and we love their luzern-lake etc..and some point Machien came up to me with a piece of paper, I read it and it said…’WE ARE IN THUN!!!’

which to my surprise was true..Tried to make it up with the people there by trying out some off my new Swiss words I learned from the crew of Luzern

so I said

I’ll make it up to you by continuing with some of the swedish words I learned

we love to be here in Sweden….SWEDEN? somebody yelled…I was like WHAT THE FJLKJDLFKL

I went down on my knees to beg forgiveness..they were all laughing, so Ok it happens


I blame the Canadians..they REALLLY thought they were in Sweden so that’s where it started I guess…and also..Eva and machine have been talking Fake-Swedish for 3 days in a row while sitting in the van..far out ..funny though..



today off to Darmstadt







tried out some fake-spanish with good, but tirades afteros too muchos tryingos so we left it there..

Hotel Check, Venue Check

Christian, Sergio and Flo were our hosts and crew..lovely guys…Sound Check..long one, due to bad power-sully in the place called Künstlerkeller..old basement..underground-style..Lovely, but electricity was weird..

we blew 2 fuses of my vox, Machien went out to by new ones, and amazingly enough find some on a friday night around 8 pm..not that far from the venue..NNNNice job

M&M fixed all the troubles there were

they make a crazy team those two

the vibe was getting better by the minute, and we all started laughing Canadian-style..way too loud, and way to mental

Good times on stage and after stage

wicked wicked…said goodbye after loading the van









went off to the hotel for the usual habits

good times in the lobby

flip flops, mental laughing..I think we woke about everybody in the hotel..but no trouble there

went through the window for an urgent ‚toiletage’ (as Marcel would say) no trouble there

…good times..flip flop flipped back inside..No trouble there

we were crashing, so hiiiit the SACK





Marcel and me went first..although Machien already did the early shift as usual around 7

Eva and Machien came out to…one could say we’re getting more and more sync here

Eva was tempting the machine that he can’t squeeze a boiled egg..



he kept on pushing and pushing the egg, at which point some girl came looking behind the wall at the people eating there, at which point the egg had a tiny crack in the shell, and SMASH SPLASH FLASHSHSHSHS EGG ALL OVER THE PLACE hahahahaha

the woman was completely in shock while we bursted out in more of that Canadian-mental-gigling..HAHAHAHAHAA

anyway, on the road again

we’re all very tired but excited, and don’t really want to end the’s been a real fancy pansy schwansy tour!!

tonight the last one in Karlsruhe

we’re gonna blow off the rrrRROOoof as we flemish people put it

Had a great time as always in Kohi..finished off with a special ending due to a technical problem with the soundcard on the 2nd last we ended in a fancy trouble there

we made up the balance of broken things allong the way..violin, stand SPD, Van started leaking a tiny bit of fluid, soundcard, fuse of Vox…

it’s been a mental, crazy, wicked, exhausting, but super-nice tour










we left pretty early 4 days ago to kick off the new tour through Austria, Germany, and Switzerland…again, VERY early, because el Machina told us we had to, apparently he’s having some anxiety regarding traffic worries, the early bird catches the worm, so we drove off around 5.30 am…nothing spectacular happened I thought this is going to be the dullest blog eE-ver

no gets better later on..

checked in the hotel in trouble there..power nap and off to the venue Roxy..a 6 minute trouble at all..skies are blue and the sun is too..everyone is in a spectacular mood and a strange energetic vibe is hanging above us like some enlightened trouble there..

about 5 minutes after we started driving there, and with the full minute ahead of us..two guys dressed in black with strange hats on top of their grumpy faces jumped in front of the van!I stopped (couldn’t run into him could I) and asked what the trouble is..the less funny guy said some strange things and started writing what seemed to be a fine …105 euro please? BECAUSE? we didn’t have a green sticker („umwelt s!ticker”)

BLOoooY HELL! I asked politely, to tell us where to find a sticker..and how the hell we should have known about this ugly fucking sticker..we didn’t have a clue we

needed it and bla bla bla..he kept on writing away, and said we had to pay cash..I threw my wallet on the ground a couple of times to state my point, and started protesting in a not so calm way,..he replied by saying, that’s 10 euro extra!!!! I threw my wallet on the ground

a bit harder (emphasis I thought might do the trick), money, coins flying around, but it was a NO GO….the other guy with his ‚gun’ started acting strangely and followed us closely to the back of the van…I opened up the van to find some money, threw it at him in a not so polite way which i’m not sorry for and said to stuff it where the sun don’t shine (in flemish)

one could say I lost it there a tiny bit…we continued to the venue for the minute drive…

ok, calmed down at the venue, met up with the lovely people from Roxy..Patrick who was doing the light, Carola and Sophie..all really Nice

CHeck..had a lovely dinner, some coffee..and the usual before the show drink stage time 8.30 pm



had a good first of the tour show!! nice

after show talks & sales @ the merch stand, met up with some lovely flemish people who live in Ulm..nice nice..said goodby to Patrick and the lovely people from Roxy…drove off to the hotel with the left-overs of the after show drink for the late night cap @ the room

Eva asked me to do the ‚Flamingo’ (acrobatic-one-leg-stand-still-trick-while-making-tjerping-sounds, whichI’m very good at that) and so I did..but the floor of the room was a bit crooked (i guess) and so the flamingo went down..banged on the table where the Tv was ..BANG!!! one could say the flamingo lost altitude and went down for an emergency landing..N O panic NO PANIC..Machien and Marcel (that’s Peter’s second name, and suits him very well so we’re gonna call him Marcel for now..) repaired it instantly..

no trouble there..and due to this small happening we all thought simultaneously to hit the sack..which we did after, after the night cap..ah, no trouble there




around 8 am Machien and me went down to the town house to try and get our money back from the bloody fine…tried a couple of offices, they all said..nothing polite, nor interesting..and couldn’t even sell us the bloody sticker…back to the hotel, had frühstück, nice, too much coffee, and started packing the van, while Machien and Eva went to another office to give it another go..they did came back with this for 5 euro, we are umwelt-freundlich..HAA..strange strange



long story short..on our way to trouble there

had some time left over, so we ended up in one of the snd hand stores..this is the result..nice nice nICE bunch of people Eva and M&M!!

Met up with Eric and his girlfreind. He’s our guide for tonight, lovely band appartement, check, tried to catch a small nap, but no go.. had some coffee as our souls

soundcheck at the super amazing’s a sort of get catapultted 20 years back, DDR-style, cool cool!!

nice pasta, and off to the appartement for a second attempt to go..more coffee, off to the Ostpol, gin tonic-style, checked the support band „Hello Yes Yes”, nice

11-ish we mounted the stage, and had a superb time with the Dresden-ians, great DJ-duo Space Girls..lovely dancing, and playing old skool video-games

wicked night




Saturday-morning, we got out not too early, and went straight to our favourite vinyl-store Drop Out records..the guys from the store were @ the show the night before, and didn’t look so fresh hahaa

bought some nice vinyls, hit the road off to Bernburg

arrived there and people whom we came across gave us the ‚suspicious-eye’ (I guess they never saw M&M live..)

but Hey, we are Belgian, so never mind, we’re used to that

started unloading the van, met up  with the people from Hotel Wien, nice nice..soundcheck, and superb dinner, had some local wine to get it started, kicked  off around 11-ish, good times, good times..

the usual after-show-things..uploaded the van, Machine and Marcel (that’s Peter, so from now and we call them M&M, if reffered to as a duo)

so M&M went off to another place to crash, while me and Eva stayed @ Hotel Wien to crash..Eva went straight off to wonderland, while me, I couldn’t let go off the basses from the party downstairs, so around 4-ish went down, to ask to turn it down a helped

but was too awake already..eventually I got back to bed around 6, and slept for about 2 hours

But NO TROUBLE there, today is an off-day, and we’re off to Czech Republik for a sort of wellness hotel..HAAA

arrived @ Klatovy, nice lovely town, check, hotel, check Swimming pool, went to eat some local fish, but it seemed to  be still a 2nd attempt by the cook, 2nd time little trouble there







back to the swimming Pool

M&M were like 2 dartling fish in the water..MAchine tried out his first sauna experience..and nearly fainted (not by the warmth, more by his stress-level due to crazy stories he came up with of boiled steamed-to-death-people who couldn’t get out of the sauna, while the temprature kept rising..he’s got some craziness going on you could say


no trouble there

great night sleep

today Off to Grazzzz

passed the border, and obviously our suspicious looks weren’t completely vanished by the sauna slash wellness day… trouble there apparently we were all 4 of us clean as a whistle

we tried to continue our route, but the side-door wouldn’t close anymore, so it took Machine about 10 minutes to repair it..all to a lot of joy and laughter by our kind officers..

anyway…on continue..NO TROUBLE THERE

something should be going terribly wrong any time soon I’s just a matter of time


Check hotel, check venue, check sound, check food, check check check


violin crashed a little during soundcheck, so we got the spare-one up and running, no trouble at a llll

little before-show drink, Machine started his usual greatness on stage, and the people were, as allways, very impressed by his magical appearance…we mounted the stage shortly afterwards for the monday-evening show

nice crowd, nice ambient, good times

met up with the nice Graz-ians, and said Grazz-ie MIllé to all of them…started loading the van..didn’t want to make it toooo late afterwards, the Bloody door jammed again..Machien started repairing it..though it took him about half an hour..wonder if it had to do something with his state of trouble there.. crashed-trashed the hotel, and had a great night sleep


today trying to get this gibberish online, so you can try and read this craziness..hahaa

we got 6 shows in a row now, so we’re getting ourselves pumped up!!! we listened to Madonna @ breakfast, and that seemed to get us more or less agitated one could say..CLEAR LIKE CRYSTAL, sharp as a knife

off to Vienna

Tour Report 2




left bloody early, around 4.45 am we picked up Peter our sound tech, and we picked up the Machine around 5 – he already called me at 4.30 to ask if it’s ok if he would wait outside..he sounded a little too excited for the hour of the day..I said he’s too early, but he there he stood..waving on the bridge..he looked that awake that I couldn’t suppress my suspicion that he didn’t sleep a wink..

he denied it many times over, but after 15 minutes he confessed..the reasons for this happening aren’t clear yet, but I’ll get to the bottom of it soon

anyway, short story long

today’s Peter’s première..we still haven’t got a nickname for him, but I promised him we’ll find one before we arrive in Berlin

we arrived in Hamburg way too early (not very rock’n roll I hear you thinking-) but we aren’t ashamed to say it like it is, and the traffic jams we were longing for didn’t occur this time..huh

so we went to TIDE RADIO, and met up with Andre..nice guy who’s got a cool radio-show, and he invited us to come and play some semi-acoustic songs and do an interview

had a lovely time there, Peter did a great job with the sound, and Machine he did a great job being the machine

we drove off to the venue, first had a coffee at a cool bar next to the harbour where ‚HAFENKLANG’ club is

unloaded (first our big T’s which we made for the new tour, but still didn’t used it so far..we’re waiting for the right they are kind of starting to piss us off a tiny bit every time we unload, upload, reload them..) and met up with the guys from The Soft Hils, interesting bunch, very friendly americans, met up with Jan form Hafenklang, and had a first Hamburg-Beer .. not bad

checked in, in the band flat .. 2 beds on top of each other.. the Machine started laughing manically loud when he first saw our bed, and decided to sleep in the Van tonight (he’s afraid he’ll keep us awake all night chopping, sawing, and cutting down some forests which isn’t very ecological either..good thinking I say)

went outside, admiring the big ships, and enjoying the sun a little

went inside, and thought it was about time we started doing our soundcheck (after all this isn’t a hobby-holiday-excursion) but ‚Alaska’ (the sound tech of the Soft Hills) was still working on the snare (which was about the only thing he’d done so far) we had another look around the venue..cooool place though!..and after half an hour, Alaska had done the drums…Wicked! (Alaska is a man of few words, slow thinking, and it’s also a geographical place as I seem to recall)

anyway, we started getting Daisy (you remember our Promo doll?) ready @ the merch stand, and giving her some attention, at least some way of killing the time and finally we could do some setting up :-)

nice guys though the Soft Hills, they were very helpful in giving us some room on stage

lang story short, soundcheck..some tech errors occurring, but no panic NO PANICCC


we fixed everything, and finished the soundcheck 10 minutes after the doors were opened..not bad, not bad

went upstairs for dinner, lovely vegan food, and hit the stage straight away

had a very lovely time playing for you Hamburgerians!! is it ok if I call you Hamburgers?












I asked our Promo-girl Melanie (she’s lovely a Hamburger herself) and she said it’s cool to call you like that

also, I want to make it an issue in today’s politics to find a different name for the food called Hamburgers..that way all the misunderstandings (which all you Hamburgers probably all have been a victim off at some point in your life) will be cleared, and that way you guys&girls can keep your rightful name

just saying

anyway, we met up with Melanie after loading the van, and at the merch stand we also met some nice cd-lp-shirt-bag-pin-buying people..also Jonas, a guy we met 2 years ago at a show in Innsbruck, was there..nice to meet him again. Had the old after-the-show-habbit-drink, and, since we didn’t had the before-the-show-habbit-drink, we had another one..which was nice. Peter was very happy with his first premiere, as were we. Machine was also in a happy mood, and actually he didn’t use any codes whole day, right until the second after-the-show-habbit-drink..some interesting people hanging about, whom we had the pleasure talking to..

anyway..hit the sack around 2 am

Eva and Peter were in a good sleeping mode when I woke up by the light..opened a window and saw machine’s grey extensions of his brain lying in the van..not moving an was only 7.20 I forgive him..woke him up anyway..and went for a walk with the Machine and smell the morning hamburgerian air. Had a coffee, and went off to wake the sleepy bunch

no time to waste


quick breakfast, said goodbye to the sweet girl Pee (she made us the delicious breakfast) and she also gave us some drinks for the road (water, and this liter of energy drink..which I consumed with E entirely)








Off to Würzburg

here some pics of Eva’s smelly feet, Machine’s thinking mood, Peter’s driving skills, and me..I’m a little beaten..just rode 350 km..and sort of in need of a power nap,

no PANIC!!! CODES CODES CODES, type your little blog and SHUT UP YOU ‚I-think-people-might-be-interested-in-reading-our-tour-storries-on-our-little-blog-on-the-great-wide-enormous-internet’


we arrived at the hotel, which was already full, and they didn’t know anything about our reservation, so we drove to the venue, did some beautiful U-turns while searching the venue, and received some angry looks of some locals in exchange, but never you mind, sun was shining, and so we continued our search nonetheless as if not a cloud in the sky

found it, met up with Christian (who’s the local ‚promotor’) and Maurius (nice guy helping us out with the technique)

sound checked (Machine went searching for a’s time for him to take some pils)

and waited..diner was a tiny snack of that kind that you don’t even notice eating it, nice though, but small in size and quantity. So we were still hungry, and we were desperate to take a shower after the 500 km drive..but the promotor said it’s not possible..nice

4 smelly cats in the backstage

Machine did some spoken word on stage as an intro (some craziness he wrote in the van the last ten days).. really cool, enjoyed it, and he’ll be doing it again the following shows

we got on stage..good times..lovely people würzburgerians..












after the show, we continued following our regular habits, but since we didn’t had enough food in our stomachs, it got a bit out of control..

Machine, Peter, Eva and me decided to pack the van, and drive off into the night. We starting the search for a hotel, since we could use a good night sleep (this time there was something strange going on with the organisation of our sleeping places)

all is full, all is full, all is full..either it had to do something by the strange look in my eyes, or the funny smell we had developed along the way..but no hotel with vacancies (for us)

shorter story

found one in the end, and decided to have the night cap in the lobby..a good thing. Nice wine they have in Wurzburg..met this nice bartender Johannes (beautiful name) who was very keen on working with us..hit the sack around 4




got up, and here we are, standing on our van again..why? because it’s possible I tell you!.. nice wether, good mood, good smell, good coffee, all is well, and charged as hell

left the flashbacks of last night’s drive through town for what they are (not even gonna mention the hurds of police cars that were following the white belgian van….BASTARDS)


Frankfurt here we come

Hafen2, cool venue, new building but with style. Had our power nap in the band flat which is in the old building (used to be a place where they repaired train-machines, so Machine was feeling at home instantly). Around 5-ish went to the venue, unloaded, set up and what not.. finished soundcheck

met up with Vin Blanc, a cool duo from Leipzig/usa, had delicious veggie lasagna for dinner, and went for our next power nap. There was a Hitchkock movie first, which we didn’t get to see, cause we overslept, did get to see Vin Blanc though, and enjoyed it very much

Machine started his usual madness in the microphone afterwards, and than the stage was ours for the taking! Apparently the power had been shut down during the movie, which resulted in a different sound on stage, but nevertheless Peter did his magic, and we started tripping on the usual trip. Had a lovely time on stage, and I managed to crawl on something high to do some small stunts of craziness


We met up with lovely people afterwards @ the merchstand and had the after-show-habbit-drink along with our friends of Vin Blanc in the nicest backstage we ever had, an old Caravan circus-style..good times.







We (me and E) went to bed around 2-ish, but Machine and Peter had the genius plan of going to the club next door (one of the oldest techno-clubs in Europe..forgot the name though). They banged their heads in the pillow around 6!!

anyway, anyhow, we had quite the drive the next morning to Berlin

so while the boys crashed out on the backseat, E and me took the circus on the road again

quite a lot of bambi-spotting today!!


we arrived at Hotel Transit (the people there remembered us from last time..a peculiar warm feeling came upon us, in this lovely old factory-transformated-into-youth-hotel)

took off to Lido, a great venue, met up with the nice crew of Karrera Klub, put our T’s on stage this time (just because we felt like it, and because we CAN).. soundcheck, dinner (great thai-food), the usual before show thing


00.00 hours Machine started his usual crazieness, and did it really well..we got on stage for the last one of the first tour, and had good times, great sound, thank you Peter and Arni, and great light show, thank you Ben and Machine


Since it was the last one of the first tour, we had to have a little celebration. Packed the Van very very quickly (we’re as oiled as oiled can be, sort of dangerously slippery one might even think by watching it all happen..Tetris level 59!!!)

crazy funny drunk Berliner asked us (while packing the van on high speed) where the next stop is..we simultaneously said WEMBLEY STADION…he said he’ll be there…Nice



we had the after…blabla.. with our lovely dearest German agent Torsten. We unravelled the full road-movie of the last days in full colour without skipping the most highly unimportant details

good times!

took off around 2.30 to the hotel, where we had the after-show-talk in the hotel bar. Machine was alarmingly tired (he’s never tired, so it really was alarming!). So we had to wake him up by singing Gandam Style (that’s his que to start dancing and singing rabies-style) it worked only half. So we hit the pillows around 4

we all slept very cousy next to each other, but after Machine layed down his grey locks of hair on the soft pillow and started having some serious engine trouble, making quite the noise one can’t help but noticing.It took us ages to fall asleep. Eventually we did (I think)

Frühstück, and off we went, Bananas always wear a name!! (we kind of went a little bananas while the machine took out the funny glasses..Hilaric

back to base camp

see you next time

Big X



First tourreport

the first gig of the tour is in Basel (Switserland)

we (me, Eva, Machine, and Hertog)

left very early, since the early bird catches the worm, and left the traffic-jams for what they were, gave them the old we’re-not-in-this-fucking-jam-because-we’re-the-early-birds look

it gave us a warm feeling inside, to which most of the people who weren’t driving closed their eyes and started snoring away

had to wake them up when we arrived at the Swiss border, because this red-haired (I wonder if she’s red all over) police-women needed to check our faces/passports

anyway, we started sweating while she was breathing down our necks, and giving us strange signals via her tiny piercing eyes, Hertog was about to start his classic questions, but before he even made a sound, she sent us away..which was a good thing (so we thought)

so we parked our car here, and started waving goodbye to Germany, in an attempt to kind of draw her attention, because we felt we had so much to say to her, and didn’t get the chance..

no succes

nice pic though

anyway, after a while we had the feeling we were being first I thought it was just the Machine his paranoia that dragged us along, but than, when we went in for a snack at a was clear…the men in blue were following us closely..but Hey, there’s nothing wrong with playing a little cat and mouse, so we acted as if we were very sick, and went to the bathroom, where we sneaked out, and into the van as rapidly as possible..wander when we’ll see them again

so off to Basel, arrived at the hotel, checked in, but they acted a little strange..and said there was no reservation, but gave us the keys anyway, .. It felt a bit fishy, so I called the venue-owner, and he said that that was an old call sheet we received from our agency,..long story short..we had sleeping place in the venue!

so we left those crazy people for what they were, and drove to the venue

apparently Basel had just recovered from a 3-day-Carnaval, so it was awkwardly quiet in the city

arrived at the venue, met up with the owner called Ueli, really cool guy, unloaded, set up, checked the sound, had a lovely amazing dinner, and hit the sack for an hour or so

got up, freshened up, ordered our usual before-the-show-drink, and sang some hymnes, gregorian-style

showtime..had a very good time on stage, it was the so called Première, and it was so nice, that we decided to call every show from now on, Premiè gives us a warm feeling

afterwards we had the usual, and met some lovely cd-lp-buying Basel-people…

we learned a couple of Swiss this one; CHUCHICHÄSCHTLI …pronounced; SCHOESCHISCHESCHTLIE…forgot the meaning of it though..

good times..


we (me and E) hit the sack around 1.30 am .. responsible young and what not..

we got awakened by a doorbel that kept going on and on, it was 6.15 am and I had a feeling it wasn’t a stranger that was making all the noise, to which point Machine came walzing through our bedroom naked (apart from his slip) & talking very strange language, some swiss I was guessing

anyway, short story long, he went back to bed

and I woke him up an hour later with a BANG

I started hitting him with the lovely red lofers of Hertog (he only brought along these strange shoes)

hahaha got you there

started loading the van, and headed towards the next stop..Schwäbisch Hall…

we had a pit stop on the way (it’s only 340 km drive today) to grab a bite, E took out the garbage from the car, and tossed it in a bin and started screaming..I asked what was wrong, and she’d thrown her wallet in it, along with the trash!!


I didn’t hesitate and dove in, saved the wallet, and became a 2 minute hero

after lunch Hertog started driving, and we became aware of the strangest smell…

Hertog said ‚it smells like Kerosine’ so a tiny panic-rush came over us..but, while following our noses, it became clear that the smell came from the back where Machine was sitting..and it became stronger every time he started laughing..that’s when we’s his late-night-snack/drink that’s starting to lead a life of it’s own inside the Machine itself!


finally finally

we arrive at the hotel..this time we had the right adres/info

had the afternoon-nap, and went to the venue

cool underground punky place

set up, sound checked, you know how it goes and left for dinner


walked through the town as if back in time 400 years ago, really cool

dinner, lovely, nice warm people

Machine was a bit silent at dinner though..

anyway, had a cool time on stage, nice crowd,

they were happy, as were we, & Paula started dancing

we left earlier than normal back to the hotel, tomorrow’s another day (I think it also had to do with the Jägermeister that the lovely people from the venue kept pouring does strange things with a human)




here it is, today Göttingen..

first stop on the way was kind of weird, Hertog was mumbling craziness all the time, and harassing all the women he ran into…one woman wasn’t all happy..she came in, and Hertog said..Aah ge hebt ook sletsen’  which means, you also have lofers .. the word sletsen, can be interpreted in German as tramp, so she was really REALLY not pleased at all with his Hertog decided to shut up for a while .. hoping it’ll get better after his next nap (he’s constantly sleeping in the van!) amazing that he didn’t get slapped in the face though..




arrived in Gôttingen, hotel, check, swimming pool!!!!, check





drove off to the club @ six pm, unload, set up, soundcheck, recharge ourselves

Machine was constantly saying ‚„the state of the circle”, how is the state of the circle, it’s for the state of the circle, followed by ‚it is in the interest of the codes..CODES CODES CODES, followed by a series of codes..I’m not sure what he’s trying to say, but we joined him anyway, full out!

went for dinner @ an african place, which wasn’t quite as african as one can expect (apart from the drawnings of wild African beasts) but nice

came back and had a very nice 3rd show, they were happy with us, so we mounted the stage a couple of times over..

lovely bunch those people in Göttingen

we drove off, direction hotel, gass-station on the way for the midnight snack..that’s when we always by something weird local..this time it was UNDERBERG

(awkward drink that is, and, so it seemed later, nobody local likes it..finished it anyway) crashed in the hotel not sooo late, and drove off the following morning

SUNDAY STYLE.. the machine was still mumbling his codes back and forth

it’s all in the interest of the codes, and we agree on that


so, next stop is Hamburg


see you there


big x


for the last gig of this tour we stopped in the wonderfull lovely city of Vienna


really cool venue underneath the tramway…it sounded wicked when they passed each time and the  electricity made a weird noise aswell when we hooked up our four amps




















Had again a great time on stage, super audience, and really didn’t want to head home the day after..but there’s a time for everything, so we got up around 7.30 am and started driving the 1150 km back home

See you next time lovely people!!

big x



we got out of Croatia without further problems..and silently we whispered KOALA in unison to the border-police…(he didn’t really liked it, and thought we were thinking he looked like a koala (which he actually kind of did)

drove back into Slovenia direction Maribor, and than on to Velenje





due to the rain the festival had to be inside..which was a pitty ’cause it was supposed to be at the castle up the hill





anyway, we arrived and met up with all these lovely people

Marusha, Sasha, El Presidenté, Matté

checked in @ the hostel, went out to dinner near the lakes (they got created some years ago due to mine-shafts that collapsed..3 lakes..really nice city!)

Got to the venue (where the festival was taking place last minute) and after a 3 hour on-and-off of bands, it was our time to check the sound, .. the sound engineer there got so aggitated and was constantly swearing in Slovenian (it sounded really cool, so he learned me some words and we started swearing together)

anyway, we were supposed to play 2nd, but the time-shedule was so delayed, that we decided (for the sake of the shedule and the people waiting..and most of all for the sake the sound-engineer) that we would play first


So (after Bart and Machien fixed some technical shizzle)  we kicked off the festival around 10.45 pm and had a really good time, and rapped our gear up as soon as we could dripping in sweat, and started the after-show-habits

it was a nice party, and everybody was sort of flying..some strange chemistry in the air in Velenje..hmm..






we had a day off yesterday, and the nice people of Velenje let us stay a night longer in the hostel, and even bought us dinner that night..

we went a bit easy on life though..kind of beaten of the marathon we did the last 6 days..even the machien was a bit silent..he shouted..SIIILLEENCE (and kept talking jobbery things like koke-to together with Bart)

Bart lost his voice in Zagreb somewhere

Eva was sleeping till very late and got up with two legs at a time..WHOoow

we went out to see the pipe-lines that are all over the looks kind of surreal..wicked


today we started driving around 12 and arrived in Vienna

hotel-check, and off we go to the next show(and last one of this tour)




ZAGREB; Mission Impossible!?

yes yes yes we loved Ljublijana!





a very cool artist-village in Ljublijana where we got a warm welcome from Samois and Vladimir, and we unloaded @ Menza pri koritu, the coolest venue of the village
this whole atmosphere was really great..

we also had a quick chat with our support band ‘Deck Janiels’ (I’m sure they didn’t had to think long about their band name..suits you sir!..I love the name though..but it reminds me a bit of .. a brand of whiskey..but that’s probably my sickened mind gone off road)

anyway we started the soundcheck, finished, moved the stuff on the side to make some space for Deck Janiels

we had a lovely servian dinner, had some habits to go with it, and listened to the band play.. it’s been quite a while since we heard this kind of band, foot on the wedge-guitar-playing..nice vibe though
we learned a couple of slovenian words like Dobber Vetre (goodevening) and Choala

we mounted the stage around 11.15 pm..we had some trouble with our oil-projector but the Machien fixed it straight away (got out his gear, and started swinging around with it like a real mad man (so I heard afterwards, since we were on stage)
he fixed it instantly, and the vibe became really wicked
very nice audience and so I always said Koala to thank them..Eva didn’t quite follow me there..she was kind of looking for the animal each time .. she was confused AGAAIIN

there also was a big pole in the middle of the stage so I could slide my guitar against it (it got a bit out of hand though after I started doing it every 5 minutes)
and so we started doing some experiments on them..which they didn’t mind at all, so we did some new stuff..wicked
we had a very nice show

afterwards, we met some cool people at the merch, and had a good sale

around 1 am we got our shizzle together, said goodbye to Samois and Vladimir
Samois was very happy, and told us he was so glad with the concert and also that he could finally work with some normal people (I’m not sure what he ment by it though..I will have to think about that tomorrow)
we drove off to the hotel but first dropped off our fantastic and crazy promoter Monika (she hooked us up with this tour)
she was a bit wasted, but you couldn’t really tell because of the general state we were all in (you could maybe say that we disguised eachother)






we got up, had breakfast and went into the old city-center of Ljublijana to have a little..appero

See you next time Ljublijana

Day 3 Zagreb

on our way to Zagreb .. YIhhaa..the vibe was great, right until we came to the Croatian border..hmm
I thought it was a bit fishy that everything kept going so here’s the story of ZAGREB






Eva her documents weren’t in order..they wouldn’t let us cross the f’cking border (stupid frustrated ‘i’m-so-important-and-you-look-like-shit-border-bitches’)
it took us about an hour of negociations to hear we had to make a U-turn, I kept on going still, but they wanted to arrest me if I didn’t got in the carr imediately!!! BJLKJLKJ
got back to the Slovenian side, asked the police there to help us, they started yelling at us, and throwing our passports on the floor (I still don’t know why)
stupid ugly-looking square-headed fuckers
anyway I said we NEEEED to get to ZAGREB, and he said ‘YOU KNOW WHAT IS OPTIMIST?’ I couldn’t understand his pour english so I nodded..and he said, that’s YOU, you’ll never make it
THANK YOU FOR NOTHING (and no this wasn’t reffering to a dire straits boring song) or better put KOALA FOR NOTHING!

I got on the phone with the official people in Zagreb (it’s friday evening 6.30 pm)
they were very friendly and she helped me..
the Big Chief himself called to Ljublijana
we drove back there (about 2 hour drive) met up with a very lovely lady who helped us out while she loves our music..THANK YOU SOO MUCH!!
got back in the van, 2 hours to the border again, almost ran out of FUCKING GASSSSS, reached the border, got through without further problems
(it’s allready 9.50 pm show time supposed to be 10.30)
the machine lost his passport in the dasbord of the CARRR??
it kept on coming






we arrived, first had a large beer to help us cope with the 9 hour drive and swirling aggitated conversations with bitches
had a soundcheck, really cool place!, checked in the hotel, got back to the venue, had pizza, had some habits on the side, … Machien almost broke his arm while falling of the table in the backstage (he was trying to take a picture)






nothing broken so far
got on stage around 00.50 am, had a hell of a good time
and did what we usually do after show
talked to Marko from the venue, and he said that the borders will be open in a month..WHAT?
yes yes.. ok so..bad timing?

so that’s another reason why they wanted to arrest could have been their last arrest..UP YOURS!!
so the never ending storry with happy ending

today we drive back to Slovenia for a festival in Velenje

I hope we can drive through the border without further problems



Tour-report 29 May

Soo we got in the van again
took off for Graz (Austria), had a couple of detours, and ended up in the hotel room around 6 pm, to get a quick wash-up, and headed for..
the Bang Bang Club

started unloading and descending the stairs
with the stuff (..2 stairs and a half..)   the Machien, our new “tour-manager/roadie/spoken word-artist in every residence”, was breaking his back but didn’t let it show (like a real mean machine he is)
so we had to give him a shot of gin tonic to ease the helps for everything so it seems
we met Roman from the venue, and the guys from The Tiny Terrorists (AT) and White Mystery (US)..
we did the soundcheck..checke Check CHèk
went out to have dinner at an italian place..had some great pasta, with italian species in it, a couple of espresso’s and got back to the venue
we already had quite a drive, and the necessary liters of coffee and other awakening fluids so probably that last espresso was a bit..hmm..overkill..
we enjoyed the shows of the bands, and around 00.30 am we mounted the stage in a foggy wicked venue..really cool place..we were allowed to happy
we had a great time, and Eva was getting wetter and wetter due to my sweat that was pouring out of every pore (and due to my ‘head-swings’ or something..don’t know what it is every time, but I need to spinn my head every once in a while)Really lovely audience..thanks for yelling us back on stage 2 times!!

after I strangled my T-shirt (in the hope of making it dry again) we had the compulsory fashion of the old habit of the gin tonic(s) and talked to some lovely people at the merch stand

got the gear back together and mounted the stairs (the whole 2 levels)and than the misery started..
Eva was being ‘BoB’ like we say it in Belgium..which means she was able to drive alcohol-free
we (Machien, Oracle of Vincent (Bart our sound engineer always forecasts the weather and not only the weather so he’s kind of the Oracle of Vincent..may I say not very reliable forecasts and than we can say is an understatement there)
anyway..we felt somewhat..hmm..awkward ..
while she was starting the car (around 3.30 am) she couldn’t drive more than 2 meters at a time..due to her feet-hand-brain-control-problem..
But, we gave her the benefit of the doubt, and as we drove of (finally) .. the feeling didn’t completely disappeared while we only reached the average speed of 30 km p/hour…and at some point, she just drove through the Red light..

than it became clear.. we should pay attention to her where abbots the following days..(I also heard her whispering to Daisy for quite a while, so I’m not sure what she’s up to the following days)


we’re in Slovenia now, and are chilling out in the hotelroom
soundcheck at 7.30 pm so we got some time left to killto be continued

Big X


we took off last friday to head to Karlsruhe

our new roadie ‘Da Machine’ was about to make his TT-maiden voyage, and also a maiden voyage for Hertog (our spare-sound-engineer)

it was bound to be a crazy time, as it proved to be..checked in, checked sound, checked food, checked the old habit (you know the old ‘gin-tonic-before-the-show’-habit..Machine went out to fetch us some while they didn’t sell habits in Kohi..I think he’s trying to be the best roadie ever..and succeeding so far!)

really cool place though, it was our second time around in 6 months (last time we played there was in October) and it felt a bit like home-coming

here are some pics of the show..thanks to the Kohi-crowd..really nice to play for you!!

(btw we spared you the pics of the after-show, but I assure you, there was one, especially since we were supposed to be playing the day after in Switserland but it got cancelled due to ‘closing’ of the venue..I wander if we had any hand in it..hmm..anyway, we didn’t need to get up early)

Tour-blog 10, 11 May

Friday morning we took off  on another tour to Germany and Switserland

after a 7-hour drive (and a lot of jams) we arrived in Bamberg (Morph-club) for the first show..

met up with Amin, and Andi from the venue (really cool place!), and had a warm welcome and relaxed sound-check..

than went into the old part of the town (Bamberg is one of the oldest well-conservated German cities) beautiful place..had some spicey Mexican food,

went back to the artist-flat to have a chill time-out

anyway we went down to the venue, made use of the old habit (Gin Tonic before the show) and went on stage
had a great time, with lovely people, thanks guys!!

Daisy (you remember our promo-girl..see older blogs) was a bit out of the ordinary, and sort of lost her way around the we had to do it ourselves (I keep wandering why we keep dragging her along every time)



anyway met some nice cd-and lp-buying people, had another old habit down the drain, and rapped up the stage..went to bed around 4 am
got up around 9 am, quick shower while eating breakfast, and took off to Biel (Switserland)

some crazy noices coming out of the back of our van..I think Daisy isn’t all that happy back there..I told here she had to watch the car..but I kind off forgot to wake her and so she’s still in the van for another 500 km..we tried to feed her some biscuits through the narrow openings but they keep flying back..I wander if she’s unhappy..tried to pass her some of this strange fluids

so we ended up drinking them all ourselves..which resulted in a sort of drunken hyper-state (I get the name..killerfish..if i’ld seen one, it’ld be dead)









6pm arriving at UFO in Biel, meeting up with Micha, got the whole thing set up (calmed down daisy by feeding her a beer) checked the sound, and got downstairs for dinner..
talked to Micha a little about Grauzone and apparently HE played the bass on Eisbär!! I was like..huh? really cool
got on stage around 11.20 pm, had a nice show, and met some nice people afterwards while habbiting away
got to bed around 4 again, got up around 9, and drove off to Belgium..everything went well, untill we crossed our border, and had one Jamm after the OTHER..Bldy hell and that on a sunday
anyway, next stop will be Karlsruhe next week
and we’ll be doing some radio-interview/sessions this week also..Radio Twizz on wednesday




yesterday the first Belgian show! we had a blast @ Ancienne Belgique and quite the heavy obligate afterparty
also nice to see that we are in ‘the best of spring 2013′-list of De Standaard (DS RADIO)
and a first nice Belgian review on Indiestyle


Wrecking Ball

we are glad to announce wrecking ball as first single in Benelux

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

Release new single

Our new single will be released in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on the 8th or March. And the Release of the album in Benelux will be on the 28th of March. Here’s one of the latest reviews on the album from a German Magazine called ‘Expuls’. New shows coming up.. Keep you posted..Big X, TT




here are some screenshots of the new video/ single coming out end of March in GSA

OH MY NOKIA! Potsdam/Leipzig/Giessen

we had a good  chat with Steen from Radio Eins, and headed for the hotel to do our power-nap (for the whole 14 minutes), drove off to the are some pics of the soundcheck in Potsdam

we met up with the support called Barbara Cuesta (really nice musical people) than we tried to find das boo t(somebody told Eva how to go to the boat-restaurant..what, at first seemed to be a good plan..turned out a bit different kind of plan..Eva took us the complete opposite direction, and we had to be rescued (thank god for my Nokia)

we met up with Torsten (our German agent 008) very nice guy..we told him some tour-travel-stories that didn’t made it into the blog
(let’s say, the little less-censured versions that due to the policy of ‘what happens on tour didn’t happen at home…’ didn’t made it)

anyway long story somewhat longer, we got on stage around 12, had some very special chemistry with the audience (as if they were in some kind of
drug-experiment.or maybe it was the other way around..?+/°)…afterwards it was a big party since it was a holiday the day we were obliged to join
the experiment a little at least..which resulted in a black-cat-hangover the morning after…

we tried to solve that problem by fetching some breakfast (and COFFEE) and afterwards Eva saw this trampoline on the lake next to the breakfast-place
so we started jumping up and never know what happened next if I don’t tell you offcourse, but I will anyway
before I went on the trampoline I took the car-keys out of my pocket (I wouldn’t be so stupid to loose them in the bottomless lake hahaha)
but I kind of forgot to take out my yes yes yes..I did some crazy U-turns on the trample gdvrdmm!!!! and flops off it went
luckily it was only 1 meter deep, so we fished it out..put it on the heating in the car on the way to Leipzig..and Miracles DO OCCUR
Nokia was back in business hahaha .. I-Phone eat your heart out!

(Daisy said that that’s normal, that’s the way it is..I wander if they have any Nokia’s in Aalst ?.?she says they do..not sure to trust her on this one)


Daisy was still hung over when we arrived in she is sssssleeping on the mercy while we were setting it up
(no wander for the expression ‘Lazzy Daisy’)





anyway nice guy called Jorg went to dine with us after the soundcheck, checked the oldest cinema still standing in Europe (Kim Gordon played here a couple of weeks ago, and slept in Bart’s bed..he made some strange noices while we did our power-beaty-nap (I got to tell you that there’s not so much beauty left after
20 shows…so let’s say, it’s more for the sake of habit)
got on stage around 12 and had a very cosy show, with not so many, but what’s that they say ..’s not the quantity but quality..and so we had a good time
we hit the sack around 3..we couldn’t move anymore..sort of..ran out of fuel

But HEY, after the first 20 coffees the day after, we were like shining and glowing
I also had the German equivalent (Jorg said it’s twice as strong as Red Bullshit) called something like Schwarz Kaffee or made me kind of dizzy at first but
after two and a half minute, it hits the spot..Red Bull is for pussies
yesterday Giessen..about 340 km..

drive, set up, check-e-check-check (we learned that from a band we met somewhere in a town that had furt as the last letters of its name), dinner, waiting..and finally show-time..Yihaaa


we turned in pretty soon after the show due to a kind of heavy tiredness .. strange..but is a day-off and tomorrow we head for Brandenburg to play the last concert of the tour..looking forward to it!! see you there :-)

Flip-Flops in the lobby

we got out of Erfurt as soon as possible
and headed for Dortmund

we had a couple of stops on the way which gave us time to enjoy another Bock-wurst.
(apparently I’m the only one left of the four of us who likes these sausages)
flushed it down with a couple of aldi-redbull-look-a-likes

anyway short story long
we arrived in Dortmund and said hi to the ‘Cornel’ (he’s the chief of Sub Rosa..nice guy)
Bart did some wizardy-things with the 80′s-soundsystem and fixed a good sound as always
here’s a pic from the nice people we played for…thank you boyz and girlzz


we got up pretty damn early since we had a radio-session in Düsseldorf around 10.30 am
(we slept for about 4 hours again..AAh the should’ve seen us crawling in the van)


arrived at Hochschul Radio Düsseldorf (91.7 FM) we received some coffee (very welcome after 3 aldi-redbulls)
did an interview with the lovely Nina (I suggested that her last name was Haegen..stupid joke, I know, but I got forgiven ’cause it was still morning)
however here some pics of the session we did





we drove off to Köln, (but first had to go back to Düsseldorf ’cause we forgot a scarf and it’s f’cking freezing out here)
arrived in Köln, at the right adres..although it wasn’t the right was sort of an old-drunkard’s bar with 3 fossils in it
Eva went in to check if this was the right place (I told Bart I’m not unloading the gear for this thing) and apparently/luckily we were
at the wrong place..
long story longer..we arrived in Stereo Wonderland..but it was still closed (show-time 9, and it was already 7.15)
we didn’t get any fckng food so it got me a little pissed off (for about the first hour)
it was however a nice show with an adorable crowd, and we had a good time again
some friends of ours came to see the show, and afterwards we went up to their hotel and re-decorated the Lobby (which nobody seemed to mind)
some of us were crawling around on the fluffy carpet, and Eva even did a couple of flip-flops and some other artistic spectacular jumps in the big sofa..too pictures about this, due to a flat battery (no, I’m not censuring ourselves)

we drove off to Marburg through a snowy landscape, checked in the hotel, did the occasional afternoon-sleep (it’s not what you think it is..or maybe)
went to the venue..really cool place this was during the set-up..Bart had to pull some tricks out of his sleeve..and did a great job again

Daisy however..



Daisy Daisy..she has been getting it on with almost every guy who showed her just the slightest interest..last night in Köln, some guys were publicly rubbing her tits
and she didn’t mind at all..I talked to her, that if she continues like this, she’ll become pretty cheap..she got pissed, and I had to drag her into the van..
we’ll have to have a meeting on this subject..






anyway Marburg was lovely, not so many people, but those who were there, were really nice..thank you bz and grlz

tomorrow we drive to Potsdam, first a session on Radio Eins, and than we head to the Waschhaus..

keep you posted



Hannover/Hangover (don’t drive to Erfurt)

due to a hasty departure we forgot our laptops which resulted to the fact that I could not blog for about 5 days..

all the pics are on the laptop, dam dam dDAM nation

anyway, here is a live-pic we received from a nice photographer called Burkard Poschinger..thank you man!



anyway, I’ll re-start and skip a couple of days, since my amnesia is playing tricks with me

Craislheim was the last one before we drove home for 2 days..
we had a great time was like summer when we arrived that afternoon..we went to the parc to get some sleep..I had to take off all my clothes due to the burning heat,
(it wasn’t a pleasant site for most people I pressume, but I couldn’t care less..)
when we went in for the soundcheck, our kind host allready told me she heard about a man lying naked in the parc that afternoon..apparently news travels fast in Crailsheim :-)
I started searching for my handkerchief because my nose was bleeding (at least that’s what we do in Belgium .. act stupid as if your nose bleeds) it worked!

anyway long story short, we had a great time on stage, nice people and old skool sound system from the 80′s which sounded actually really cool

we drove home with a little bit of a hangover..and so the next stop was Belgium and Hanover (rhyming is our crime)

Glocksee (Hanover) was mental..273,50 people (we counted them..) had a great time on and off stage and a nice host called Ralf

some (quite a lot) people told us ‘DON’T DRIVE TO ERFURT’..I understood (while driving) what they ment..never saw a road making so many crazy u-turns..for about 2 hours (quite fun though)
we had to stop every 5 km due to Eva’s sickness..she was sick as a dog (or was it a cat..sick for sure)

we had a last-minute support from a Canadian band of which I forgot the name..(amnesia-early-stage)
It’s been a while since we seen something like this.. amazing is an understatement I tell you (I’m not gonna get into details)

BUT the good news is that our dear beloved Melanie from the promo mailed us that we have an interview on the biggest national radio in the region Berlin/Brandenburg next wednesday in prime-fucking-time…Radio EINS !! nice

thanks to the people we met last couple of days, and the nice publikum…really enjoyed playing for you all!! it was sehr gemütlich :-)

Day 9 / Mister Beat

Basel was very cool, upstairs-venue, nice system, unbelievable good food (we had a delicious fish)
and the chief of the place ‘Ueli’ was super..we forgot that Switzerland has different adaptors so he got us some more
from the shop next door, and he also gave us a pair of drumsticks (we forgot one the night before in Schuur/Luzern..AA)
but these sticks are amazing, they are used in carnivals..pretty wicked
The Golden Fass was fully packed around 11 so we started the show, and had a great time on and off stage

it seems to become a habit to remount the stage two times..thanks a lot Basel
Eva and Daisy did a great job and sold a lot of cd’s and also some shirts at the merch stand




a long story short, we drove to the south-west of Switzerland (to Thun) and we got surrounded by mountains
checked in the hotel Belle Vue Au it’s not to make you jealous or anything, but still, you have to see this view



we had a short powernap..we kind of found a daily ‘rhythm’ you could say
went to the venue…


we heard so many things about the’s a bit of a living legend with a legendary venue..that we became
seriously curious…and arriving there was a bit like arriving in a Rock’nRoll-story-book with Dinos, Icebears, and Mister Beat offcourse..he’s amazing


after soundcheck, we had a lovely veggie dinner, in the backstage which, I tell you, was more than just a backstage..Mr Beat is,
how shall we put it..a collector with a view, AND a real rock ‘n roll art-vision

we had a great time on stage, lovely crowd, Mister Beat did the light-show really well
and afterwards Daisy and Eva (they are really over-doing it) sold a good amount of merchandise

we said goodbye to Mr B after some nice rock’n roll-storries





we had our little hotel-room-after-concert-talk/drink and went to bed around 3 (we found a rhythm I tell you)

early breakfast around 9.30, left the hotel around 12-ish, and drove off to some sort of automatic-stairway to heaven that took us up the mountain
people looked a bit strange when they saw Eva walking down the mountain..walking is a bit of an over-statement..let’s say..stumbling on her high-heel-disco-shoes

anyway, it was a nice sight, and the amount of fresh air we inhaled made us feel a bit too. nice





we just did our soundcheck in Mainz..Schon Schö around 11-ish

keep you posted..


our day off was pretty boring…it was pissing down with rain, and we were too stubborn to buy an embrella (all tourists bought one with music on it..pretty scary sight I tell you)
we said goodbye to Salzburg and head for Graz (the second biggest city in Austria)





went to the hotel, had a chill moment, drove off to the venue (the whole 150 yards), had a lovely dinner, checked the sound






than we head back to the hotel
(I know, a bit crazy to drive back..but we decided to walk..even more crazy when you come to think off it)
anyway, show-time, we had a really good time, nice crowd..they wanted zwei we remounted the stage twice! thank you guys!

hit the sack around 3, got up around 8, had a lovely früstuck, started the engine around 9, gave ourselves a little moment to greet the sun
drove for about 14 hours, arrived in Belgium, (we had to do a couple off gas stations in Belgium, to do some serious beer-tasting)
got back home which was a bit  of a weird experience (we nearly slept in the van just for the sake of it)

anyway buzzy day in Belgium, had to get a lot of things fixed, and finished the video for Wrecking Ball (with Tom..thank you man!)
here’s a screen-shot of the video





Yesterday we played our first show in Switzerland.
Daisy (do you remember her? she’s our mercy girl..I’ll drop a pic here) was going completely mental in the van../+° she had too much Red Bull (a red bull costs about 5 euros in Switzerland..AAh she’s killing us!)
we arrived in the venue..really cool place!


and we met up with ‘My heart belongs to Cecilia Winter’ (the Swiss band with whom we’ll be playing tonight..very nice band!)




we had a really nice time on stage, nice people, nice after party with My Heart Belongs To Cecilia Winter, nice packing of the van






day after had a coffee near the river..filled with if it was the swanlake for real, but birdie really took it away when she came eating our cookies





ow yes, one little thing..we passed the border pretty smooth (I think it has to do with the fact that Bart was driving and not me)
He asked us some questions .. it was as if we were in a little quiz-show..I just woke up on the back seat, and my face was all swollen up from sleeping..
so I kind of looked a little stoned you could say (but nothing is what it seems I tell ya)
he looked pretty strange though when I started participating in the little quiz (I like quizzes)
anyway our answers were correct and he gave us the ‘go’.. I waved goodbye at the nice officer (which nearly killed us)

we keep you posted on our first Swiss shows here in the land of the Swiss

Liquid Molly

we had a great time at the Vienna waves festival on thursday
and were happy to see that Shuffle Baby is on the Waves Compilation-cd, check it out

before we drove off to St-Pölten, we passed by a cool music store called Rave Records
and found out that our albums were already sold out. and new load on it’s way


anyway, we arrived in St-Pôlten much too early, checked in at the hotel, and it was a bloody 23 Degrees
so we thought about going to the park and leaving the house..maybe feed the pigeons, or even feed the sparrows too,
it gives us an enormous sense of well being..lalala parklife etc
unfortunately we couldn’t find any birdie we ended up feeding ourselves
we almost got sunburned for the second time..AAuw! Life on tour is harder than you think




we had a cool show around 23 pm
after party at the hotel around 2 am..we had a bottle of champagne that we got from some nice people that we were carrying around
in the car for about 4 days..
tried to open it, and when it exploded it nearly killed us..luckily it didn’t, so we had our little after-concert-chill-moment
we drove off to Salzburg while following liquid Molly, she’s lovely isn’t she





it was pretty early because we had an interview on Radio-Fabrik (cool radio based in Salzburg)




we started the show in Salzburg around 1 am, which is pretty late, but the Salzburgians were worth it

crashed in our beds around 4 am

today is a day off, and it’s raining like hell here.
also too many tourists (us included)

tomorrow we head for Graz

Day 6&7 (OLAF)

looking forward to the gig at Waves Festival tonight! showtime at 10.30 pm
it’s a 3-day european showcase festival, and there are 3 Belgian bands: Abynth Minded, Skool is Cool, and ourselves

we slept for 5 hours, and left Karlsruhe at 8 am this morning

some lidl-labled-readbull-shots to keep us awake

Vienna Here WE COME

Yesterday we had a day off, which gave us some time to be lazy tourists..Nice
and as it turns out, Karlsruhe always has the best weather due to some warm streams of air or mountains, or something
we almost got sunburned!+/¨*//§è

we also had some little repairs to be done on some guitars and cables due to the concert the day before
we had a hell of a time..nice small but packed venue..and a lovely audience! thank you Karlsruhe!
(we couldn’t take any pictures due to a flat camera-battery BLDFCKNGHLL)

it was only later that we found out that Olaf played at the very same day in Karlsruhe
such a pity that we couldn’t meet him in the flesh..we got a little depressed just by thinking about it
so here is our ode to Olaf
Olaf, YOU are still the main man, keep on schlagering or whatever it is you do so well




anyway, we wanted to go to bed early to get a fresh start (we have to drive 740 km to Vienna) but it turned out a little different.

some friends took us to a  Beer-Garten, and things got slightly out of hand

Love and xxx

btw it’s a bloody 24 degrees here in Austria..which is..nice

Day3&4 Daisy (Aalst)

we tried to get out of Berlin the day after the show, and what seemed to be an easy average saturday-thing-to-do, turned out to be  a small nightmare. due to a small bunch of people wanting to show that they can run 20 km..and they had to pick that very day to cross the city..all the cops were very friendly waving with their arms, and kept sending us away (we did about 20 U-turns)
And to the question ‘Hello dear police-officer how can I get out of B..’ they all kindly shouted ‘We Don’t KNOW, JUST KEEP DRIVING!!!!!’
so we thanked them kindly for helping us out so nicely, and went on to the next officer..some interesting conversations you can have with the helping hand of the law and as it occurs, I also speak a little German, and it actually sounds much better in German.
Vielen dank Tschüss (that’s what you always have to say to nice people in uniform..and somehow they get a little agitated when they get this reply…strange..but than again, that’s normal, that’s the way it is
anyway..a miracle occurred, and we made it to the highway to Dresden…we picked up a hitcher called Sebastian (a nice fella but could’t stop talking so we nearly had to strangle him) he was happy though and bought us our 10th cup of coffee..nice

we arrived in Dresden, did our soundcheck (we even had some time left to take some pics) around 9.30 pm we had a very veggie but also very nice dinner. we checked in in the artist-flat around 10 and some time to chill (which wasn’t a bad thing to do
at that time since the ‘let’s-have-a-last-drink-in-the-hotel-room-Party’ form the day before in Berlin turned out to be a little longer than one can acpcect from parties like that.. too bad, but as they put it in Flemish capital of Aalst..that’s normal..that’s the way it is.

We left the apartment around 11.30, got back in the venue, got Daisy started on the Merch-stand. she was still a bit dizzy form the night before..due to safety reasons I had to sleep in the Van  next to her and she said she got a little intoxicated by my breath..I think she’s a little exaggerating, but anyway she didn’t say a word ’till we arrived..I sussed her by telling her she looked great though, and I promised her we’ld put her picture in the blog here it is!

Daisy, our everything





we got on stage around 12.30..(after drinking a gin-tonic..which is a habit of ours, since we get a boost from it, just perfect to get on stage)
I don’t think you can ever get closer to the sound of the 80′s than we did yesterday. The PA-System was a fossil..but as they put it in Aalst..that’s normal..that’s the way it is
anyway we had a very nice time on stage, finished around 2, loaded the van, and said goodbye…and we could finally start our normal after-concert-conversations about flying squirrels..
that’s always a good one to start with..had a last glass of wine, and turned in for the night (morning)

we got up around 10 and drove off to Belgium..we have to record the video for the new single ‘Wrecking Ball’ so it’s a 10 hour drive
we had some horse-power (German equivalent of Red Bull) with us..Eva didn’t take any ’cause she was still sleeping..she slept for about 9 hours today. she’s a good sleeper..
but than again me and Bart know that that’s normal, that’s the way it is. we know that from the people from Aalst. (though that’s what Daisy keeps telling us..I think she used to be from that metropole)

On the road part 1

we drove off from Ghent around 11-ish to Darmstadt.
everything went fluently well, and than Eva forgot her purse in a gass-station..
so we had a little stress moment there..we drove back for about half an hour..Eva went in, told us it was stolen..
she’s a bad liar, but still, I went in and was about to strangle somebody inside when she told me she got it back…BLDFCKHLL!
we arrived at ‘Das Blumen’ very cool venue, very nice people, had our first further problems occurred..
some time to chill in the backstage, did an interview with a radio-show (Local heroes radio), listened to the soundscapes of
‘Kolter’ a one-man-experimental-crazy guy..really nice
we got on stage around 11 pm, and had a f’cking nice time..lovely crowd, wicked sound. Thanks Bart (our sound wizard)
after the show, I tried to take a picture of the audience, but my battery had gone flat, so I could use the BIG camera of a photographer
here’s the picture

ps also thanks to Daisy our new girlfriend who is doing the merchandise..I’ll post a picture of her later
and many thanks to Sebastian and Lea and all the people from Das Blumen





Day 2 Berlin-wise

a lot of traffic jams along the way, probably wont make it on time..Aaaah
sun is shining so it’s not too bad
the hang over from the after party is slowly fading…sorry but we had to celebrate our first show.. I hope you understand
arrived at 2100 hours, got our gear up, checked in the hotel, had an amazing burger, and big beer with it
show time around 1230 hours…Bart managed some miracles with a puzzle of cables, and we had a blast
bedtime aroun 0450 hours…
now on our way to Dresden..
lost my mobile phone, but found it again after going through every inch of the hotel..fffeeew
today we feel a bit like white is that possible…hmm

reviews on ‘where the echoes die’!!


check our ‘press’ page to read some snippets of reviews on our second album

It was officially released in Germany, Austria and Switzerland  (14/9)

hope to see you on one of the shows



there’s been some rough mixing going on last week..and we’ll do it again next week…check out the desk on which we’re flying pretty flashy, at least two good things were made in the 80′s :-)


we had some wicked weeks on the island of England.. great fun, hard work, crazy dreams, nice inhabitants, peacocks, and swazzy tangled-vibes.. two more days of recordings (today and tomorrow), and starting on monday with the mixing

last night (afterparty)

we’ve been going on wicked vibes last couple of days/nights

it’s been a blast!! living on coffee, black tea with milk, cup a soups, and indian curry

Ian is really great to work with

two nights and a day to go before we go home for a week

we’re gonna post some more pics soon

here’s one of the afterparty of last night…Swassy…



last weekend

last weekend before we crawl out of our basement after 6 months, facing the sunlight and head for Calais to take the ferry to Oxford

we’re gonna work on our second album with the wildest man on the island…

he goes by the name of ‘Ian Davenport’