Tour-blog 10, 11 May

Friday morning we took off  on another tour to Germany and Switserland

after a 7-hour drive (and a lot of jams) we arrived in Bamberg (Morph-club) for the first show..

met up with Amin, and Andi from the venue (really cool place!), and had a warm welcome and relaxed sound-check..

than went into the old part of the town (Bamberg is one of the oldest well-conservated German cities) beautiful place..had some spicey Mexican food,

went back to the artist-flat to have a chill time-out

anyway we went down to the venue, made use of the old habit (Gin Tonic before the show) and went on stage
had a great time, with lovely people, thanks guys!!

Daisy (you remember our promo-girl..see older blogs) was a bit out of the ordinary, and sort of lost her way around the we had to do it ourselves (I keep wandering why we keep dragging her along every time)



anyway met some nice cd-and lp-buying people, had another old habit down the drain, and rapped up the stage..went to bed around 4 am
got up around 9 am, quick shower while eating breakfast, and took off to Biel (Switserland)

some crazy noices coming out of the back of our van..I think Daisy isn’t all that happy back there..I told here she had to watch the car..but I kind off forgot to wake her and so she’s still in the van for another 500 km..we tried to feed her some biscuits through the narrow openings but they keep flying back..I wander if she’s unhappy..tried to pass her some of this strange fluids

so we ended up drinking them all ourselves..which resulted in a sort of drunken hyper-state (I get the name..killerfish..if i’ld seen one, it’ld be dead)









6pm arriving at UFO in Biel, meeting up with Micha, got the whole thing set up (calmed down daisy by feeding her a beer) checked the sound, and got downstairs for dinner..
talked to Micha a little about Grauzone and apparently HE played the bass on Eisbär!! I was like..huh? really cool
got on stage around 11.20 pm, had a nice show, and met some nice people afterwards while habbiting away
got to bed around 4 again, got up around 9, and drove off to Belgium..everything went well, untill we crossed our border, and had one Jamm after the OTHER..Bldy hell and that on a sunday
anyway, next stop will be Karlsruhe next week
and we’ll be doing some radio-interview/sessions this week also..Radio Twizz on wednesday



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