we took off last friday to head to Karlsruhe

our new roadie ‘Da Machine’ was about to make his TT-maiden voyage, and also a maiden voyage for Hertog (our spare-sound-engineer)

it was bound to be a crazy time, as it proved to be..checked in, checked sound, checked food, checked the old habit (you know the old ‘gin-tonic-before-the-show’-habit..Machine went out to fetch us some while they didn’t sell habits in Kohi..I think he’s trying to be the best roadie ever..and succeeding so far!)

really cool place though, it was our second time around in 6 months (last time we played there was in October) and it felt a bit like home-coming

here are some pics of the show..thanks to the Kohi-crowd..really nice to play for you!!

(btw we spared you the pics of the after-show, but I assure you, there was one, especially since we were supposed to be playing the day after in Switserland but it got cancelled due to ‘closing’ of the venue..I wander if we had any hand in it..hmm..anyway, we didn’t need to get up early)

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