Tour-report 29 May

Soo we got in the van again
took off for Graz (Austria), had a couple of detours, and ended up in the hotel room around 6 pm, to get a quick wash-up, and headed for..
the Bang Bang Club

started unloading and descending the stairs
with the stuff (..2 stairs and a half..)   the Machien, our new “tour-manager/roadie/spoken word-artist in every residence”, was breaking his back but didn’t let it show (like a real mean machine he is)
so we had to give him a shot of gin tonic to ease the helps for everything so it seems
we met Roman from the venue, and the guys from The Tiny Terrorists (AT) and White Mystery (US)..
we did the soundcheck..checke Check CHèk
went out to have dinner at an italian place..had some great pasta, with italian species in it, a couple of espresso’s and got back to the venue
we already had quite a drive, and the necessary liters of coffee and other awakening fluids so probably that last espresso was a bit..hmm..overkill..
we enjoyed the shows of the bands, and around 00.30 am we mounted the stage in a foggy wicked venue..really cool place..we were allowed to happy
we had a great time, and Eva was getting wetter and wetter due to my sweat that was pouring out of every pore (and due to my ‘head-swings’ or something..don’t know what it is every time, but I need to spinn my head every once in a while)Really lovely audience..thanks for yelling us back on stage 2 times!!

after I strangled my T-shirt (in the hope of making it dry again) we had the compulsory fashion of the old habit of the gin tonic(s) and talked to some lovely people at the merch stand

got the gear back together and mounted the stairs (the whole 2 levels)and than the misery started..
Eva was being ‘BoB’ like we say it in Belgium..which means she was able to drive alcohol-free
we (Machien, Oracle of Vincent (Bart our sound engineer always forecasts the weather and not only the weather so he’s kind of the Oracle of Vincent..may I say not very reliable forecasts and than we can say is an understatement there)
anyway..we felt somewhat..hmm..awkward ..
while she was starting the car (around 3.30 am) she couldn’t drive more than 2 meters at a time..due to her feet-hand-brain-control-problem..
But, we gave her the benefit of the doubt, and as we drove of (finally) .. the feeling didn’t completely disappeared while we only reached the average speed of 30 km p/hour…and at some point, she just drove through the Red light..

than it became clear.. we should pay attention to her where abbots the following days..(I also heard her whispering to Daisy for quite a while, so I’m not sure what she’s up to the following days)


we’re in Slovenia now, and are chilling out in the hotelroom
soundcheck at 7.30 pm so we got some time left to killto be continued

Big X

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