ZAGREB; Mission Impossible!?

yes yes yes we loved Ljublijana!





a very cool artist-village in Ljublijana where we got a warm welcome from Samois and Vladimir, and we unloaded @ Menza pri koritu, the coolest venue of the village
this whole atmosphere was really great..

we also had a quick chat with our support band ‘Deck Janiels’ (I’m sure they didn’t had to think long about their band name..suits you sir!..I love the name though..but it reminds me a bit of .. a brand of whiskey..but that’s probably my sickened mind gone off road)

anyway we started the soundcheck, finished, moved the stuff on the side to make some space for Deck Janiels

we had a lovely servian dinner, had some habits to go with it, and listened to the band play.. it’s been quite a while since we heard this kind of band, foot on the wedge-guitar-playing..nice vibe though
we learned a couple of slovenian words like Dobber Vetre (goodevening) and Choala

we mounted the stage around 11.15 pm..we had some trouble with our oil-projector but the Machien fixed it straight away (got out his gear, and started swinging around with it like a real mad man (so I heard afterwards, since we were on stage)
he fixed it instantly, and the vibe became really wicked
very nice audience and so I always said Koala to thank them..Eva didn’t quite follow me there..she was kind of looking for the animal each time .. she was confused AGAAIIN

there also was a big pole in the middle of the stage so I could slide my guitar against it (it got a bit out of hand though after I started doing it every 5 minutes)
and so we started doing some experiments on them..which they didn’t mind at all, so we did some new stuff..wicked
we had a very nice show

afterwards, we met some cool people at the merch, and had a good sale

around 1 am we got our shizzle together, said goodbye to Samois and Vladimir
Samois was very happy, and told us he was so glad with the concert and also that he could finally work with some normal people (I’m not sure what he ment by it though..I will have to think about that tomorrow)
we drove off to the hotel but first dropped off our fantastic and crazy promoter Monika (she hooked us up with this tour)
she was a bit wasted, but you couldn’t really tell because of the general state we were all in (you could maybe say that we disguised eachother)






we got up, had breakfast and went into the old city-center of Ljublijana to have a little..appero

See you next time Ljublijana

Day 3 Zagreb

on our way to Zagreb .. YIhhaa..the vibe was great, right until we came to the Croatian border..hmm
I thought it was a bit fishy that everything kept going so here’s the story of ZAGREB






Eva her documents weren’t in order..they wouldn’t let us cross the f’cking border (stupid frustrated ‘i’m-so-important-and-you-look-like-shit-border-bitches’)
it took us about an hour of negociations to hear we had to make a U-turn, I kept on going still, but they wanted to arrest me if I didn’t got in the carr imediately!!! BJLKJLKJ
got back to the Slovenian side, asked the police there to help us, they started yelling at us, and throwing our passports on the floor (I still don’t know why)
stupid ugly-looking square-headed fuckers
anyway I said we NEEEED to get to ZAGREB, and he said ‘YOU KNOW WHAT IS OPTIMIST?’ I couldn’t understand his pour english so I nodded..and he said, that’s YOU, you’ll never make it
THANK YOU FOR NOTHING (and no this wasn’t reffering to a dire straits boring song) or better put KOALA FOR NOTHING!

I got on the phone with the official people in Zagreb (it’s friday evening 6.30 pm)
they were very friendly and she helped me..
the Big Chief himself called to Ljublijana
we drove back there (about 2 hour drive) met up with a very lovely lady who helped us out while she loves our music..THANK YOU SOO MUCH!!
got back in the van, 2 hours to the border again, almost ran out of FUCKING GASSSSS, reached the border, got through without further problems
(it’s allready 9.50 pm show time supposed to be 10.30)
the machine lost his passport in the dasbord of the CARRR??
it kept on coming






we arrived, first had a large beer to help us cope with the 9 hour drive and swirling aggitated conversations with bitches
had a soundcheck, really cool place!, checked in the hotel, got back to the venue, had pizza, had some habits on the side, … Machien almost broke his arm while falling of the table in the backstage (he was trying to take a picture)






nothing broken so far
got on stage around 00.50 am, had a hell of a good time
and did what we usually do after show
talked to Marko from the venue, and he said that the borders will be open in a month..WHAT?
yes yes.. ok so..bad timing?

so that’s another reason why they wanted to arrest could have been their last arrest..UP YOURS!!
so the never ending storry with happy ending

today we drive back to Slovenia for a festival in Velenje

I hope we can drive through the border without further problems



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