we got out of Croatia without further problems..and silently we whispered KOALA in unison to the border-police…(he didn’t really liked it, and thought we were thinking he looked like a koala (which he actually kind of did)

drove back into Slovenia direction Maribor, and than on to Velenje





due to the rain the festival had to be inside..which was a pitty ’cause it was supposed to be at the castle up the hill





anyway, we arrived and met up with all these lovely people

Marusha, Sasha, El Presidenté, Matté

checked in @ the hostel, went out to dinner near the lakes (they got created some years ago due to mine-shafts that collapsed..3 lakes..really nice city!)

Got to the venue (where the festival was taking place last minute) and after a 3 hour on-and-off of bands, it was our time to check the sound, .. the sound engineer there got so aggitated and was constantly swearing in Slovenian (it sounded really cool, so he learned me some words and we started swearing together)

anyway, we were supposed to play 2nd, but the time-shedule was so delayed, that we decided (for the sake of the shedule and the people waiting..and most of all for the sake the sound-engineer) that we would play first


So (after Bart and Machien fixed some technical shizzle)  we kicked off the festival around 10.45 pm and had a really good time, and rapped our gear up as soon as we could dripping in sweat, and started the after-show-habits

it was a nice party, and everybody was sort of flying..some strange chemistry in the air in Velenje..hmm..






we had a day off yesterday, and the nice people of Velenje let us stay a night longer in the hostel, and even bought us dinner that night..

we went a bit easy on life though..kind of beaten of the marathon we did the last 6 days..even the machien was a bit silent..he shouted..SIIILLEENCE (and kept talking jobbery things like koke-to together with Bart)

Bart lost his voice in Zagreb somewhere

Eva was sleeping till very late and got up with two legs at a time..WHOoow

we went out to see the pipe-lines that are all over the town..it looks kind of surreal..wicked


today we started driving around 12 and arrived in Vienna

hotel-check, and off we go to the next show(and last one of this tour)




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