First tourreport

the first gig of the tour is in Basel (Switserland)

we (me, Eva, Machine, and Hertog)

left very early, since the early bird catches the worm, and left the traffic-jams for what they were, gave them the old we’re-not-in-this-fucking-jam-because-we’re-the-early-birds look

it gave us a warm feeling inside, to which most of the people who weren’t driving closed their eyes and started snoring away

had to wake them up when we arrived at the Swiss border, because this red-haired (I wonder if she’s red all over) police-women needed to check our faces/passports

anyway, we started sweating while she was breathing down our necks, and giving us strange signals via her tiny piercing eyes, Hertog was about to start his classic questions, but before he even made a sound, she sent us away..which was a good thing (so we thought)

so we parked our car here, and started waving goodbye to Germany, in an attempt to kind of draw her attention, because we felt we had so much to say to her, and didn’t get the chance..

no succes

nice pic though

anyway, after a while we had the feeling we were being first I thought it was just the Machine his paranoia that dragged us along, but than, when we went in for a snack at a was clear…the men in blue were following us closely..but Hey, there’s nothing wrong with playing a little cat and mouse, so we acted as if we were very sick, and went to the bathroom, where we sneaked out, and into the van as rapidly as possible..wander when we’ll see them again

so off to Basel, arrived at the hotel, checked in, but they acted a little strange..and said there was no reservation, but gave us the keys anyway, .. It felt a bit fishy, so I called the venue-owner, and he said that that was an old call sheet we received from our agency,..long story short..we had sleeping place in the venue!

so we left those crazy people for what they were, and drove to the venue

apparently Basel had just recovered from a 3-day-Carnaval, so it was awkwardly quiet in the city

arrived at the venue, met up with the owner called Ueli, really cool guy, unloaded, set up, checked the sound, had a lovely amazing dinner, and hit the sack for an hour or so

got up, freshened up, ordered our usual before-the-show-drink, and sang some hymnes, gregorian-style

showtime..had a very good time on stage, it was the so called Première, and it was so nice, that we decided to call every show from now on, Premiè gives us a warm feeling

afterwards we had the usual, and met some lovely cd-lp-buying Basel-people…

we learned a couple of Swiss this one; CHUCHICHÄSCHTLI …pronounced; SCHOESCHISCHESCHTLIE…forgot the meaning of it though..

good times..


we (me and E) hit the sack around 1.30 am .. responsible young and what not..

we got awakened by a doorbel that kept going on and on, it was 6.15 am and I had a feeling it wasn’t a stranger that was making all the noise, to which point Machine came walzing through our bedroom naked (apart from his slip) & talking very strange language, some swiss I was guessing

anyway, short story long, he went back to bed

and I woke him up an hour later with a BANG

I started hitting him with the lovely red lofers of Hertog (he only brought along these strange shoes)

hahaha got you there

started loading the van, and headed towards the next stop..Schwäbisch Hall…

we had a pit stop on the way (it’s only 340 km drive today) to grab a bite, E took out the garbage from the car, and tossed it in a bin and started screaming..I asked what was wrong, and she’d thrown her wallet in it, along with the trash!!


I didn’t hesitate and dove in, saved the wallet, and became a 2 minute hero

after lunch Hertog started driving, and we became aware of the strangest smell…

Hertog said ‚it smells like Kerosine’ so a tiny panic-rush came over us..but, while following our noses, it became clear that the smell came from the back where Machine was sitting..and it became stronger every time he started laughing..that’s when we’s his late-night-snack/drink that’s starting to lead a life of it’s own inside the Machine itself!


finally finally

we arrive at the hotel..this time we had the right adres/info

had the afternoon-nap, and went to the venue

cool underground punky place

set up, sound checked, you know how it goes and left for dinner


walked through the town as if back in time 400 years ago, really cool

dinner, lovely, nice warm people

Machine was a bit silent at dinner though..

anyway, had a cool time on stage, nice crowd,

they were happy, as were we, & Paula started dancing

we left earlier than normal back to the hotel, tomorrow’s another day (I think it also had to do with the Jägermeister that the lovely people from the venue kept pouring does strange things with a human)




here it is, today Göttingen..

first stop on the way was kind of weird, Hertog was mumbling craziness all the time, and harassing all the women he ran into…one woman wasn’t all happy..she came in, and Hertog said..Aah ge hebt ook sletsen’  which means, you also have lofers .. the word sletsen, can be interpreted in German as tramp, so she was really REALLY not pleased at all with his Hertog decided to shut up for a while .. hoping it’ll get better after his next nap (he’s constantly sleeping in the van!) amazing that he didn’t get slapped in the face though..




arrived in Gôttingen, hotel, check, swimming pool!!!!, check





drove off to the club @ six pm, unload, set up, soundcheck, recharge ourselves

Machine was constantly saying ‚„the state of the circle”, how is the state of the circle, it’s for the state of the circle, followed by ‚it is in the interest of the codes..CODES CODES CODES, followed by a series of codes..I’m not sure what he’s trying to say, but we joined him anyway, full out!

went for dinner @ an african place, which wasn’t quite as african as one can expect (apart from the drawnings of wild African beasts) but nice

came back and had a very nice 3rd show, they were happy with us, so we mounted the stage a couple of times over..

lovely bunch those people in Göttingen

we drove off, direction hotel, gass-station on the way for the midnight snack..that’s when we always by something weird local..this time it was UNDERBERG

(awkward drink that is, and, so it seemed later, nobody local likes it..finished it anyway) crashed in the hotel not sooo late, and drove off the following morning

SUNDAY STYLE.. the machine was still mumbling his codes back and forth

it’s all in the interest of the codes, and we agree on that


so, next stop is Hamburg


see you there


big x

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