Tour Report 2




left bloody early, around 4.45 am we picked up Peter our sound tech, and we picked up the Machine around 5 – he already called me at 4.30 to ask if it’s ok if he would wait outside..he sounded a little too excited for the hour of the day..I said he’s too early, but he there he stood..waving on the bridge..he looked that awake that I couldn’t suppress my suspicion that he didn’t sleep a wink..

he denied it many times over, but after 15 minutes he confessed..the reasons for this happening aren’t clear yet, but I’ll get to the bottom of it soon

anyway, short story long

today’s Peter’s première..we still haven’t got a nickname for him, but I promised him we’ll find one before we arrive in Berlin

we arrived in Hamburg way too early (not very rock’n roll I hear you thinking-) but we aren’t ashamed to say it like it is, and the traffic jams we were longing for didn’t occur this time..huh

so we went to TIDE RADIO, and met up with Andre..nice guy who’s got a cool radio-show, and he invited us to come and play some semi-acoustic songs and do an interview

had a lovely time there, Peter did a great job with the sound, and Machine he did a great job being the machine

we drove off to the venue, first had a coffee at a cool bar next to the harbour where ‚HAFENKLANG’ club is

unloaded (first our big T’s which we made for the new tour, but still didn’t used it so far..we’re waiting for the right they are kind of starting to piss us off a tiny bit every time we unload, upload, reload them..) and met up with the guys from The Soft Hils, interesting bunch, very friendly americans, met up with Jan form Hafenklang, and had a first Hamburg-Beer .. not bad

checked in, in the band flat .. 2 beds on top of each other.. the Machine started laughing manically loud when he first saw our bed, and decided to sleep in the Van tonight (he’s afraid he’ll keep us awake all night chopping, sawing, and cutting down some forests which isn’t very ecological either..good thinking I say)

went outside, admiring the big ships, and enjoying the sun a little

went inside, and thought it was about time we started doing our soundcheck (after all this isn’t a hobby-holiday-excursion) but ‚Alaska’ (the sound tech of the Soft Hills) was still working on the snare (which was about the only thing he’d done so far) we had another look around the venue..cooool place though!..and after half an hour, Alaska had done the drums…Wicked! (Alaska is a man of few words, slow thinking, and it’s also a geographical place as I seem to recall)

anyway, we started getting Daisy (you remember our Promo doll?) ready @ the merch stand, and giving her some attention, at least some way of killing the time and finally we could do some setting up :-)

nice guys though the Soft Hills, they were very helpful in giving us some room on stage

lang story short, soundcheck..some tech errors occurring, but no panic NO PANICCC


we fixed everything, and finished the soundcheck 10 minutes after the doors were opened..not bad, not bad

went upstairs for dinner, lovely vegan food, and hit the stage straight away

had a very lovely time playing for you Hamburgerians!! is it ok if I call you Hamburgers?












I asked our Promo-girl Melanie (she’s lovely a Hamburger herself) and she said it’s cool to call you like that

also, I want to make it an issue in today’s politics to find a different name for the food called Hamburgers..that way all the misunderstandings (which all you Hamburgers probably all have been a victim off at some point in your life) will be cleared, and that way you guys&girls can keep your rightful name

just saying

anyway, we met up with Melanie after loading the van, and at the merch stand we also met some nice cd-lp-shirt-bag-pin-buying people..also Jonas, a guy we met 2 years ago at a show in Innsbruck, was there..nice to meet him again. Had the old after-the-show-habbit-drink, and, since we didn’t had the before-the-show-habbit-drink, we had another one..which was nice. Peter was very happy with his first premiere, as were we. Machine was also in a happy mood, and actually he didn’t use any codes whole day, right until the second after-the-show-habbit-drink..some interesting people hanging about, whom we had the pleasure talking to..

anyway..hit the sack around 2 am

Eva and Peter were in a good sleeping mode when I woke up by the light..opened a window and saw machine’s grey extensions of his brain lying in the van..not moving an was only 7.20 I forgive him..woke him up anyway..and went for a walk with the Machine and smell the morning hamburgerian air. Had a coffee, and went off to wake the sleepy bunch

no time to waste


quick breakfast, said goodbye to the sweet girl Pee (she made us the delicious breakfast) and she also gave us some drinks for the road (water, and this liter of energy drink..which I consumed with E entirely)








Off to Würzburg

here some pics of Eva’s smelly feet, Machine’s thinking mood, Peter’s driving skills, and me..I’m a little beaten..just rode 350 km..and sort of in need of a power nap,

no PANIC!!! CODES CODES CODES, type your little blog and SHUT UP YOU ‚I-think-people-might-be-interested-in-reading-our-tour-storries-on-our-little-blog-on-the-great-wide-enormous-internet’


we arrived at the hotel, which was already full, and they didn’t know anything about our reservation, so we drove to the venue, did some beautiful U-turns while searching the venue, and received some angry looks of some locals in exchange, but never you mind, sun was shining, and so we continued our search nonetheless as if not a cloud in the sky

found it, met up with Christian (who’s the local ‚promotor’) and Maurius (nice guy helping us out with the technique)

sound checked (Machine went searching for a’s time for him to take some pils)

and waited..diner was a tiny snack of that kind that you don’t even notice eating it, nice though, but small in size and quantity. So we were still hungry, and we were desperate to take a shower after the 500 km drive..but the promotor said it’s not possible..nice

4 smelly cats in the backstage

Machine did some spoken word on stage as an intro (some craziness he wrote in the van the last ten days).. really cool, enjoyed it, and he’ll be doing it again the following shows

we got on stage..good times..lovely people würzburgerians..












after the show, we continued following our regular habits, but since we didn’t had enough food in our stomachs, it got a bit out of control..

Machine, Peter, Eva and me decided to pack the van, and drive off into the night. We starting the search for a hotel, since we could use a good night sleep (this time there was something strange going on with the organisation of our sleeping places)

all is full, all is full, all is full..either it had to do something by the strange look in my eyes, or the funny smell we had developed along the way..but no hotel with vacancies (for us)

shorter story

found one in the end, and decided to have the night cap in the lobby..a good thing. Nice wine they have in Wurzburg..met this nice bartender Johannes (beautiful name) who was very keen on working with us..hit the sack around 4




got up, and here we are, standing on our van again..why? because it’s possible I tell you!.. nice wether, good mood, good smell, good coffee, all is well, and charged as hell

left the flashbacks of last night’s drive through town for what they are (not even gonna mention the hurds of police cars that were following the white belgian van….BASTARDS)


Frankfurt here we come

Hafen2, cool venue, new building but with style. Had our power nap in the band flat which is in the old building (used to be a place where they repaired train-machines, so Machine was feeling at home instantly). Around 5-ish went to the venue, unloaded, set up and what not.. finished soundcheck

met up with Vin Blanc, a cool duo from Leipzig/usa, had delicious veggie lasagna for dinner, and went for our next power nap. There was a Hitchkock movie first, which we didn’t get to see, cause we overslept, did get to see Vin Blanc though, and enjoyed it very much

Machine started his usual madness in the microphone afterwards, and than the stage was ours for the taking! Apparently the power had been shut down during the movie, which resulted in a different sound on stage, but nevertheless Peter did his magic, and we started tripping on the usual trip. Had a lovely time on stage, and I managed to crawl on something high to do some small stunts of craziness


We met up with lovely people afterwards @ the merchstand and had the after-show-habbit-drink along with our friends of Vin Blanc in the nicest backstage we ever had, an old Caravan circus-style..good times.







We (me and E) went to bed around 2-ish, but Machine and Peter had the genius plan of going to the club next door (one of the oldest techno-clubs in Europe..forgot the name though). They banged their heads in the pillow around 6!!

anyway, anyhow, we had quite the drive the next morning to Berlin

so while the boys crashed out on the backseat, E and me took the circus on the road again

quite a lot of bambi-spotting today!!


we arrived at Hotel Transit (the people there remembered us from last time..a peculiar warm feeling came upon us, in this lovely old factory-transformated-into-youth-hotel)

took off to Lido, a great venue, met up with the nice crew of Karrera Klub, put our T’s on stage this time (just because we felt like it, and because we CAN).. soundcheck, dinner (great thai-food), the usual before show thing


00.00 hours Machine started his usual crazieness, and did it really well..we got on stage for the last one of the first tour, and had good times, great sound, thank you Peter and Arni, and great light show, thank you Ben and Machine


Since it was the last one of the first tour, we had to have a little celebration. Packed the Van very very quickly (we’re as oiled as oiled can be, sort of dangerously slippery one might even think by watching it all happen..Tetris level 59!!!)

crazy funny drunk Berliner asked us (while packing the van on high speed) where the next stop is..we simultaneously said WEMBLEY STADION…he said he’ll be there…Nice



we had the after…blabla.. with our lovely dearest German agent Torsten. We unravelled the full road-movie of the last days in full colour without skipping the most highly unimportant details

good times!

took off around 2.30 to the hotel, where we had the after-show-talk in the hotel bar. Machine was alarmingly tired (he’s never tired, so it really was alarming!). So we had to wake him up by singing Gandam Style (that’s his que to start dancing and singing rabies-style) it worked only half. So we hit the pillows around 4

we all slept very cousy next to each other, but after Machine layed down his grey locks of hair on the soft pillow and started having some serious engine trouble, making quite the noise one can’t help but noticing.It took us ages to fall asleep. Eventually we did (I think)

Frühstück, and off we went, Bananas always wear a name!! (we kind of went a little bananas while the machine took out the funny glasses..Hilaric

back to base camp

see you next time

Big X



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