we left pretty early 4 days ago to kick off the new tour through Austria, Germany, and Switzerland…again, VERY early, because el Machina told us we had to, apparently he’s having some anxiety regarding traffic worries, the early bird catches the worm, so we drove off around 5.30 am…nothing spectacular happened I thought this is going to be the dullest blog eE-ver

no gets better later on..

checked in the hotel in trouble there..power nap and off to the venue Roxy..a 6 minute trouble at all..skies are blue and the sun is too..everyone is in a spectacular mood and a strange energetic vibe is hanging above us like some enlightened trouble there..

about 5 minutes after we started driving there, and with the full minute ahead of us..two guys dressed in black with strange hats on top of their grumpy faces jumped in front of the van!I stopped (couldn’t run into him could I) and asked what the trouble is..the less funny guy said some strange things and started writing what seemed to be a fine …105 euro please? BECAUSE? we didn’t have a green sticker („umwelt s!ticker”)

BLOoooY HELL! I asked politely, to tell us where to find a sticker..and how the hell we should have known about this ugly fucking sticker..we didn’t have a clue we

needed it and bla bla bla..he kept on writing away, and said we had to pay cash..I threw my wallet on the ground a couple of times to state my point, and started protesting in a not so calm way,..he replied by saying, that’s 10 euro extra!!!! I threw my wallet on the ground

a bit harder (emphasis I thought might do the trick), money, coins flying around, but it was a NO GO….the other guy with his ‚gun’ started acting strangely and followed us closely to the back of the van…I opened up the van to find some money, threw it at him in a not so polite way which i’m not sorry for and said to stuff it where the sun don’t shine (in flemish)

one could say I lost it there a tiny bit…we continued to the venue for the minute drive…

ok, calmed down at the venue, met up with the lovely people from Roxy..Patrick who was doing the light, Carola and Sophie..all really Nice

CHeck..had a lovely dinner, some coffee..and the usual before the show drink stage time 8.30 pm



had a good first of the tour show!! nice

after show talks & sales @ the merch stand, met up with some lovely flemish people who live in Ulm..nice nice..said goodby to Patrick and the lovely people from Roxy…drove off to the hotel with the left-overs of the after show drink for the late night cap @ the room

Eva asked me to do the ‚Flamingo’ (acrobatic-one-leg-stand-still-trick-while-making-tjerping-sounds, whichI’m very good at that) and so I did..but the floor of the room was a bit crooked (i guess) and so the flamingo went down..banged on the table where the Tv was ..BANG!!! one could say the flamingo lost altitude and went down for an emergency landing..N O panic NO PANIC..Machien and Marcel (that’s Peter’s second name, and suits him very well so we’re gonna call him Marcel for now..) repaired it instantly..

no trouble there..and due to this small happening we all thought simultaneously to hit the sack..which we did after, after the night cap..ah, no trouble there




around 8 am Machien and me went down to the town house to try and get our money back from the bloody fine…tried a couple of offices, they all said..nothing polite, nor interesting..and couldn’t even sell us the bloody sticker…back to the hotel, had frühstück, nice, too much coffee, and started packing the van, while Machien and Eva went to another office to give it another go..they did came back with this for 5 euro, we are umwelt-freundlich..HAA..strange strange



long story short..on our way to trouble there

had some time left over, so we ended up in one of the snd hand stores..this is the result..nice nice nICE bunch of people Eva and M&M!!

Met up with Eric and his girlfreind. He’s our guide for tonight, lovely band appartement, check, tried to catch a small nap, but no go.. had some coffee as our souls

soundcheck at the super amazing’s a sort of get catapultted 20 years back, DDR-style, cool cool!!

nice pasta, and off to the appartement for a second attempt to go..more coffee, off to the Ostpol, gin tonic-style, checked the support band „Hello Yes Yes”, nice

11-ish we mounted the stage, and had a superb time with the Dresden-ians, great DJ-duo Space Girls..lovely dancing, and playing old skool video-games

wicked night




Saturday-morning, we got out not too early, and went straight to our favourite vinyl-store Drop Out records..the guys from the store were @ the show the night before, and didn’t look so fresh hahaa

bought some nice vinyls, hit the road off to Bernburg

arrived there and people whom we came across gave us the ‚suspicious-eye’ (I guess they never saw M&M live..)

but Hey, we are Belgian, so never mind, we’re used to that

started unloading the van, met up  with the people from Hotel Wien, nice nice..soundcheck, and superb dinner, had some local wine to get it started, kicked  off around 11-ish, good times, good times..

the usual after-show-things..uploaded the van, Machine and Marcel (that’s Peter, so from now and we call them M&M, if reffered to as a duo)

so M&M went off to another place to crash, while me and Eva stayed @ Hotel Wien to crash..Eva went straight off to wonderland, while me, I couldn’t let go off the basses from the party downstairs, so around 4-ish went down, to ask to turn it down a helped

but was too awake already..eventually I got back to bed around 6, and slept for about 2 hours

But NO TROUBLE there, today is an off-day, and we’re off to Czech Republik for a sort of wellness hotel..HAAA

arrived @ Klatovy, nice lovely town, check, hotel, check Swimming pool, went to eat some local fish, but it seemed to  be still a 2nd attempt by the cook, 2nd time little trouble there







back to the swimming Pool

M&M were like 2 dartling fish in the water..MAchine tried out his first sauna experience..and nearly fainted (not by the warmth, more by his stress-level due to crazy stories he came up with of boiled steamed-to-death-people who couldn’t get out of the sauna, while the temprature kept rising..he’s got some craziness going on you could say


no trouble there

great night sleep

today Off to Grazzzz

passed the border, and obviously our suspicious looks weren’t completely vanished by the sauna slash wellness day… trouble there apparently we were all 4 of us clean as a whistle

we tried to continue our route, but the side-door wouldn’t close anymore, so it took Machine about 10 minutes to repair it..all to a lot of joy and laughter by our kind officers..

anyway…on continue..NO TROUBLE THERE

something should be going terribly wrong any time soon I’s just a matter of time


Check hotel, check venue, check sound, check food, check check check


violin crashed a little during soundcheck, so we got the spare-one up and running, no trouble at a llll

little before-show drink, Machine started his usual greatness on stage, and the people were, as allways, very impressed by his magical appearance…we mounted the stage shortly afterwards for the monday-evening show

nice crowd, nice ambient, good times

met up with the nice Graz-ians, and said Grazz-ie MIllé to all of them…started loading the van..didn’t want to make it toooo late afterwards, the Bloody door jammed again..Machien started repairing it..though it took him about half an hour..wonder if it had to do something with his state of trouble there.. crashed-trashed the hotel, and had a great night sleep


today trying to get this gibberish online, so you can try and read this craziness..hahaa

we got 6 shows in a row now, so we’re getting ourselves pumped up!!! we listened to Madonna @ breakfast, and that seemed to get us more or less agitated one could say..CLEAR LIKE CRYSTAL, sharp as a knife

off to Vienna

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