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it was amazingly warm when we left for we had a stop every half an hour, and put our asses down in the green Austrian grazz (thank you Grazz, you were nice)

Vienna was as beautiful as we left it somewhat 9 months ago


checked out the venue, met up with lovely Martin and Andi, checked the sound, Marcel did his magic, and Machien did some fixing here and there on our stuff, and checked out the light-system to get it all up and running..crossed the street for a great dinner, had a dessert which was Machien’s idea..too much for all of us, anyway, tried to find the hotel..not easy, and every street was packed with police..bit anxious-looking to the white belgian van crossing all over town..

took us an hour to find the hotel..tried to check in but nobody there..we were running out of time..tried to find the venue again..not a simple task..our gps had it’s day off I suppose

anyway, arrived, but missed out on both the support-bands..too bad

had a good time on stage

the usual after show-drink was refused by a woman behind the bar..some bad waitering you could say..which made me a bit nervous..some other guy bought us the drinks anyway.. thank you man!! and up your sass miss bad-ASS-waitress

packed the van, said goodbye, and had a nightcap at the hotel’s terras

hit the sack around 2.30 am, so that gave us about 3 hours of sleep

but the early birds that we are had no trouble at all (or maybe Eva and Peter-Marcel did ‚cause they were very silent in the back)

no trouble there, hit the road for the next 800 Km to Luzern Switzerland!!



arrived at Schüür, met up with Utzi, Tom and Fran

Check Check Check, Peter Marcel was very happy in his UFO-Console





hit the sack for an hour after a lovely spanish dinner, which ended up with a sad animal-story..

We had been on a constant Foodora binge and needed to get out of the house for once, so here we were sitting outside having our coffee after dinner, and we saw a big queen bee having some trouble getting out of the restaurant…we were about to go in to help it a little when this big macho came to close in on the bee with his electronic racket..he killed it without blinking his eyes..

I started swearing in Flemish…but it was too late..

anyway, show had to go on, so there we were on stage, enjoying our time, and we forgot all about this sad happening as if it did not happen










we were pretty beaten MAchien and me..due to heavy driving and no sleep what so ever

so we did the usual aftershow things obviously, loaded the van, said goodbye to the great warm crew of Schüür, and went in for a thousand years of sleep

did’t think we would ran into these weird Canadians while having our night cap in the hotel though..a bit annoying you could say, especially their loudness and ignorance..sorry dear readers but it has to be said, these canadians were utterly boring and self-centred

anyway, Eva and me we hit the sack, while M&M kept on talking, or better, listening to the Canadians

didn’t took them very long though to escape, and they hit the sack also




rise and shine

off to THun

the exhaustion is still a bit in our clothes as we say it in Flemish

but it’s only 1 hour drive today..!!!cooliio






Hotel Check, Lake Check CHECK!!





we went straight to the lake around 2 pm, Marcel and me jumped in (M was the bravest I must say..

it took me some adjustments and a stick to keep the swans away..)

it was FFFFFFrrrrrEEEEzzzzingly cold water

the swans didn’t like us either, so they tried to encircle us and drive us out..they won



BLOODY lovely beautiful DANGEROUS swans

anyway, we went in for another go, nice nice

when we were about to head for the hotel for a little power nap..we saw the sign saying how dangerous it is to swim without a proper warm up of the could say we were lucky twice..not to drown, nor to be eaten by the swans

long story short



off to the most famous Rock’nroll legendary man in Switserland

met up with Mr Beat @ Caffee Bar Mokka

wicked wicked

Check sound

Check Dino @ the sound-console

Check Dinos everywhere

Check Check lovely lovely dinner


I was a bit dizzy and think it might have to do with the pretty heavy tour we’re doing




Machien did his thang as usual with greatness and than we mounted the stage..

apparently my mind was still in I said Hi Luzern, and kept on saying strange things like..we like to be here in Luzern, and we love their luzern-lake etc..and some point Machien came up to me with a piece of paper, I read it and it said…’WE ARE IN THUN!!!’

which to my surprise was true..Tried to make it up with the people there by trying out some off my new Swiss words I learned from the crew of Luzern

so I said

I’ll make it up to you by continuing with some of the swedish words I learned

we love to be here in Sweden….SWEDEN? somebody yelled…I was like WHAT THE FJLKJDLFKL

I went down on my knees to beg forgiveness..they were all laughing, so Ok it happens


I blame the Canadians..they REALLLY thought they were in Sweden so that’s where it started I guess…and also..Eva and machine have been talking Fake-Swedish for 3 days in a row while sitting in the van..far out ..funny though..



today off to Darmstadt







tried out some fake-spanish with good, but tirades afteros too muchos tryingos so we left it there..

Hotel Check, Venue Check

Christian, Sergio and Flo were our hosts and crew..lovely guys…Sound Check..long one, due to bad power-sully in the place called Künstlerkeller..old basement..underground-style..Lovely, but electricity was weird..

we blew 2 fuses of my vox, Machien went out to by new ones, and amazingly enough find some on a friday night around 8 pm..not that far from the venue..NNNNice job

M&M fixed all the troubles there were

they make a crazy team those two

the vibe was getting better by the minute, and we all started laughing Canadian-style..way too loud, and way to mental

Good times on stage and after stage

wicked wicked…said goodbye after loading the van









went off to the hotel for the usual habits

good times in the lobby

flip flops, mental laughing..I think we woke about everybody in the hotel..but no trouble there

went through the window for an urgent ‚toiletage’ (as Marcel would say) no trouble there

…good times..flip flop flipped back inside..No trouble there

we were crashing, so hiiiit the SACK





Marcel and me went first..although Machien already did the early shift as usual around 7

Eva and Machien came out to…one could say we’re getting more and more sync here

Eva was tempting the machine that he can’t squeeze a boiled egg..



he kept on pushing and pushing the egg, at which point some girl came looking behind the wall at the people eating there, at which point the egg had a tiny crack in the shell, and SMASH SPLASH FLASHSHSHSHS EGG ALL OVER THE PLACE hahahahaha

the woman was completely in shock while we bursted out in more of that Canadian-mental-gigling..HAHAHAHAHAA

anyway, on the road again

we’re all very tired but excited, and don’t really want to end the’s been a real fancy pansy schwansy tour!!

tonight the last one in Karlsruhe

we’re gonna blow off the rrrRROOoof as we flemish people put it

Had a great time as always in Kohi..finished off with a special ending due to a technical problem with the soundcard on the 2nd last we ended in a fancy trouble there

we made up the balance of broken things allong the way..violin, stand SPD, Van started leaking a tiny bit of fluid, soundcard, fuse of Vox…

it’s been a mental, crazy, wicked, exhausting, but super-nice tour









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