Hi there crazzzzy blog-reading people … welcome..we kicked of the first winter-tour

first stop was Amsterdam (Brakke Grond)..wicked place that is..Amsterdam..we arrived perfectly on time, nothing to be said about that..didn’t have any jams what-so-ever..which is strange..but the saying goes in Belgium, don’t look at the teeth of a horse you get for free..

here’s the machine with his new look..we are now calling him ‚Le Type Artistique’..just because we can.

the vibe is good, nice warm welcome, lovely crew



had a lovely first concert, met some nice people as always, the beer was great (Belgian..sorry).. and around 12-ish we headed for the and good as we are..


we didn’t want to make it TOO late, as you can understand, it’s the first one of the, we had a map and everything, even a full operative global positioning system ..but….strangely enough.. we didn’t have the right address..fishy one could say ..  it took us about half an hour to figure out what was going on..wrong WRONG we started walking the streets of A’dam, along the canals..romantic one could say..but we saw it a tiny bit different this time.. like heavy overloaded mules we dragged ourselves and our bags, guitars and violins onwards..ON TO THE NEXT..and finally around 1.30 am we arrived..@ the perception of the ‘right’ hotel..CHECK..ok all is well..hit the sack around 2-ish



a good night sleep, and off we drove in the early Hollandish morning..720 km to’s like a walk in the park (that’s what Peter keeps on repeating seems he’s having some internal disk problems..we’ll have to check on that later)

Eva is wide awake..but le type artistique is not the earliest bird today..I wander if it has anything to do with the way he enjoyed the belgian beers…

we’ll leave him be in peace for now..anyway

after the walk in the park of 730 km, we arrived nicely in the city called Chemnitz (used to be called Karl Marx Stadt)..nice city, and great old newspaper-building..lovely

..we had a walk in the park through the soundcheck..had a tasty hot dinner, and headed for the hotel, to take the occasional before-the-show-thorium-power-nap

it was a lovely cosy hotel with a 4-bedroom-chamber..nice vibe..Peter fed us some of his pills (Vitamins he got from his worried mummy, he said it was perfect for a walk in the we didn’t bother to ask more, and just dug in) we were steaming..Peter however, when taking a close look at this picture, has a strange reaction to it…hmm

On to the venue..we kicked off around 11-ish..had a wonderful sweaty experience as usual..nice to see the machine (not only the person called le type artistique) rolling again


we didn’t want to make it too late (responsible young divers we are) but we couldn’t help ourselves, and so we fell in the old routine of after-show-hotel-room-last-one-before-bed-time-drink.

lovely bunch of crazy-ass-people we have with us..type artistique & Peter (Pjöter for the inside crowd) Eva and me are so glad they exist, that we had to share this with you..

we unpacked the acoustic guitar, and played some tunes from Gorki From Belgium Baby! a band close to our hearts..bassplayer Biezeman is our rock’n roll godfather, and there was this terrible news..Luc De Vos (singer of the band) passed away last saturday..and the funeral is sad..and we can’t make it..but we’ll drink to your health and howl at the moon!! may the whirlwinds be in your sails Vos!!


we got up, (2 of us that is, Machien and Eva didn’t feel the brightness of this morning glory), frühstück, since the early bird and so on..

we opened our mails, and got some great news..

Lust for blood (new single) is in the charts on FM4 radio-station in Austria, AND on rotation on several other great radio’s..also Bad Start (B-side of the single) is on HOT ROTATION BABYyy on Radio Eins in Germany…how cool is that..

so one can say we were sort of walking on feathery clouds for the rest of the day

we started jumping around a ping pong table, and did some crazy exercises..good vibes..

on to Crailsheim

(it’s only but 310 we can’t even call it a walk in the’s more a walk to the sofa..) our new radio (the other one broke down) was having troubles of the famous saying by le type artistique..Bloedheet! Pjöter you can see..a man with a plan!


Met up with Harald Haas, the owner of the venue..great guy..we played there 2 years ago, and it feels like homecoming…soundcheck? Check, Hotel? Check, dinner? check, after-show-premature-power-nappie? check….on stage? CHECK

warm lovely craaazzy audience..we added some more juice, and sweat all over the place..

afterwards, with daisy (she’s still with us..and even with these temperatures, she refuses to wear clothes..I think she’s hitting on the machine..excuse me, le type artistique..

anyhow, nice merch-talking-buying-after-show-gin-tonic-wise-moments..there should be some nice pics around of the show and soundcheck..but for some reason they were erased from type artistique his camera..anyhow.. CRAILSHEIM you were wicked!

packed our gear and took off to the hotel (for the full 167 meter..that’s right..I counted my footsteps, multiplied it by 3 minus 24 plus the square root of 11, so don’t tell me I’m not a genius! you, youè!hslkdfljsldkf)

couldn’t help ourselves, and had to see what was inside the mini-bar ..

result is 1 down the following morning..I will not be tempted to tell you who..but the person got up on the wrong side of the bed with a wrong angry white cat called ‘Zulu’, scratching the brain..

ok, no worries, 3 other soldiers up and running, on to the frühstück-zimmer, and made some extra sandwiches, snuged them secretively behind my back, upstairs, to give to the fallen one


today is an off day…in every sense of the word..

no worries

there is hope

on to the next one

Next stop is INNSBRUCK…see you there lovely girlzz&boyzz



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