On the road part 1

we drove off from Ghent around 11-ish to Darmstadt.
everything went fluently well, and than Eva forgot her purse in a gass-station..
so we had a little stress moment there..we drove back for about half an hour..Eva went in, told us it was stolen..
she’s a bad liar, but still, I went in and was about to strangle somebody inside when she told me she got it back…BLDFCKHLL!
we arrived at ‘Das Blumen’ very cool venue, very nice people, had our first soundcheck..no further problems occurred..
some time to chill in the backstage, did an interview with a radio-show (Local heroes radio), listened to the soundscapes of
‘Kolter’ a one-man-experimental-crazy guy..really nice
we got on stage around 11 pm, and had a f’cking nice time..lovely crowd, wicked sound. Thanks Bart (our sound wizard)
after the show, I tried to take a picture of the audience, but my battery had gone flat, so I could use the BIG camera of a photographer
here’s the picture

ps also thanks to Daisy our new girlfriend who is doing the merchandise..I’ll post a picture of her later
and many thanks to Sebastian and Lea and all the people from Das Blumen





Day 2 Berlin-wise

a lot of traffic jams along the way, probably wont make it on time..Aaaah
sun is shining so it’s not too bad
the hang over from the after party is slowly fading…sorry but we had to celebrate our first show.. I hope you understand
arrived at 2100 hours, got our gear up, checked in the hotel, had an amazing burger, and big beer with it
show time around 1230 hours…Bart managed some miracles with a puzzle of cables, and we had a blast
bedtime aroun 0450 hours…
now on our way to Dresden..
lost my mobile phone, but found it again after going through every inch of the hotel..fffeeew
today we feel a bit like white trash..how is that possible…hmm

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