Day3&4 Daisy (Aalst)

we tried to get out of Berlin the day after the show, and what seemed to be an easy average saturday-thing-to-do, turned out to be  a small nightmare. due to a small bunch of people wanting to show that they can run 20 km..and they had to pick that very day to cross the city..all the cops were very friendly waving with their arms, and kept sending us away (we did about 20 U-turns)
And to the question ‘Hello dear police-officer how can I get out of B..’ they all kindly shouted ‘We Don’t KNOW, JUST KEEP DRIVING!!!!!’
so we thanked them kindly for helping us out so nicely, and went on to the next officer..some interesting conversations you can have with the helping hand of the law and as it occurs, I also speak a little German, and it actually sounds much better in German.
Vielen dank Tschüss (that’s what you always have to say to nice people in uniform..and somehow they get a little agitated when they get this reply…strange..but than again, that’s normal, that’s the way it is
anyway..a miracle occurred, and we made it to the highway to Dresden…we picked up a hitcher called Sebastian (a nice fella but could’t stop talking so we nearly had to strangle him) he was happy though and bought us our 10th cup of coffee..nice

we arrived in Dresden, did our soundcheck (we even had some time left to take some pics) around 9.30 pm we had a very veggie but also very nice dinner. we checked in in the artist-flat around 10 and some time to chill (which wasn’t a bad thing to do
at that time since the ‘let’s-have-a-last-drink-in-the-hotel-room-Party’ form the day before in Berlin turned out to be a little longer than one can acpcect from parties like that.. too bad, but as they put it in Flemish capital of Aalst..that’s normal..that’s the way it is.

We left the apartment around 11.30, got back in the venue, got Daisy started on the Merch-stand. she was still a bit dizzy form the night before..due to safety reasons I had to sleep in the Van  next to her and she said she got a little intoxicated by my breath..I think she’s a little exaggerating, but anyway she didn’t say a word ’till we arrived..I sussed her by telling her she looked great though, and I promised her we’ld put her picture in the blog here it is!

Daisy, our everything





we got on stage around 12.30..(after drinking a gin-tonic..which is a habit of ours, since we get a boost from it, just perfect to get on stage)
I don’t think you can ever get closer to the sound of the 80′s than we did yesterday. The PA-System was a fossil..but as they put it in Aalst..that’s normal..that’s the way it is
anyway we had a very nice time on stage, finished around 2, loaded the van, and said goodbye…and we could finally start our normal after-concert-conversations about flying squirrels..
that’s always a good one to start with..had a last glass of wine, and turned in for the night (morning)

we got up around 10 and drove off to Belgium..we have to record the video for the new single ‘Wrecking Ball’ so it’s a 10 hour drive
we had some horse-power (German equivalent of Red Bull) with us..Eva didn’t take any ’cause she was still sleeping..she slept for about 9 hours today. she’s a good sleeper..
but than again me and Bart know that that’s normal, that’s the way it is. we know that from the people from Aalst. (though that’s what Daisy keeps telling us..I think she used to be from that metropole)

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