Day 6&7 (OLAF)

looking forward to the gig at Waves Festival tonight! showtime at 10.30 pm
it’s a 3-day european showcase festival, and there are 3 Belgian bands: Abynth Minded, Skool is Cool, and ourselves

we slept for 5 hours, and left Karlsruhe at 8 am this morning

some lidl-labled-readbull-shots to keep us awake

Vienna Here WE COME

Yesterday we had a day off, which gave us some time to be lazy tourists..Nice
and as it turns out, Karlsruhe always has the best weather due to some warm streams of air or mountains, or something
we almost got sunburned!+/¨*//§è

we also had some little repairs to be done on some guitars and cables due to the concert the day before
we had a hell of a time..nice small but packed venue..and a lovely audience! thank you Karlsruhe!
(we couldn’t take any pictures due to a flat camera-battery BLDFCKNGHLL)

it was only later that we found out that Olaf played at the very same day in Karlsruhe
such a pity that we couldn’t meet him in the flesh..we got a little depressed just by thinking about it
so here is our ode to Olaf
Olaf, YOU are still the main man, keep on schlagering or whatever it is you do so well




anyway, we wanted to go to bed early to get a fresh start (we have to drive 740 km to Vienna) but it turned out a little different.

some friends took us to a  Beer-Garten, and things got slightly out of hand

Love and xxx

btw it’s a bloody 24 degrees here in Austria..which is..nice

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