Liquid Molly

we had a great time at the Vienna waves festival on thursday
and were happy to see that Shuffle Baby is on the Waves Compilation-cd, check it out

before we drove off to St-Pölten, we passed by a cool music store called Rave Records
and found out that our albums were already sold out. and new load on it’s way


anyway, we arrived in St-Pôlten much too early, checked in at the hotel, and it was a bloody 23 Degrees
so we thought about going to the park and leaving the house..maybe feed the pigeons, or even feed the sparrows too,
it gives us an enormous sense of well being..lalala parklife etc
unfortunately we couldn’t find any birdie we ended up feeding ourselves
we almost got sunburned for the second time..AAuw! Life on tour is harder than you think




we had a cool show around 23 pm
after party at the hotel around 2 am..we had a bottle of champagne that we got from some nice people that we were carrying around
in the car for about 4 days..
tried to open it, and when it exploded it nearly killed us..luckily it didn’t, so we had our little after-concert-chill-moment
we drove off to Salzburg while following liquid Molly, she’s lovely isn’t she





it was pretty early because we had an interview on Radio-Fabrik (cool radio based in Salzburg)




we started the show in Salzburg around 1 am, which is pretty late, but the Salzburgians were worth it

crashed in our beds around 4 am

today is a day off, and it’s raining like hell here.
also too many tourists (us included)

tomorrow we head for Graz

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