our day off was pretty boring…it was pissing down with rain, and we were too stubborn to buy an embrella (all tourists bought one with music on it..pretty scary sight I tell you)
we said goodbye to Salzburg and head for Graz (the second biggest city in Austria)





went to the hotel, had a chill moment, drove off to the venue (the whole 150 yards), had a lovely dinner, checked the sound






than we head back to the hotel
(I know, a bit crazy to drive back..but we decided to walk..even more crazy when you come to think off it)
anyway, show-time, we had a really good time, nice crowd..they wanted zwei we remounted the stage twice! thank you guys!

hit the sack around 3, got up around 8, had a lovely früstuck, started the engine around 9, gave ourselves a little moment to greet the sun
drove for about 14 hours, arrived in Belgium, (we had to do a couple off gas stations in Belgium, to do some serious beer-tasting)
got back home which was a bit  of a weird experience (we nearly slept in the van just for the sake of it)

anyway buzzy day in Belgium, had to get a lot of things fixed, and finished the video for Wrecking Ball (with Tom..thank you man!)
here’s a screen-shot of the video





Yesterday we played our first show in Switzerland.
Daisy (do you remember her? she’s our mercy girl..I’ll drop a pic here) was going completely mental in the van../+° she had too much Red Bull (a red bull costs about 5 euros in Switzerland..AAh she’s killing us!)
we arrived in the venue..really cool place!


and we met up with ‘My heart belongs to Cecilia Winter’ (the Swiss band with whom we’ll be playing tonight..very nice band!)




we had a really nice time on stage, nice people, nice after party with My Heart Belongs To Cecilia Winter, nice packing of the van






day after had a coffee near the river..filled with if it was the swanlake for real, but birdie really took it away when she came eating our cookies





ow yes, one little thing..we passed the border pretty smooth (I think it has to do with the fact that Bart was driving and not me)
He asked us some questions .. it was as if we were in a little quiz-show..I just woke up on the back seat, and my face was all swollen up from sleeping..
so I kind of looked a little stoned you could say (but nothing is what it seems I tell ya)
he looked pretty strange though when I started participating in the little quiz (I like quizzes)
anyway our answers were correct and he gave us the ‘go’.. I waved goodbye at the nice officer (which nearly killed us)

we keep you posted on our first Swiss shows here in the land of the Swiss

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