Day 9 / Mister Beat

Basel was very cool, upstairs-venue, nice system, unbelievable good food (we had a delicious fish)
and the chief of the place ‘Ueli’ was super..we forgot that Switzerland has different adaptors so he got us some more
from the shop next door, and he also gave us a pair of drumsticks (we forgot one the night before in Schuur/Luzern..AA)
but these sticks are amazing, they are used in carnivals..pretty wicked
The Golden Fass was fully packed around 11 so we started the show, and had a great time on and off stage

it seems to become a habit to remount the stage two times..thanks a lot Basel
Eva and Daisy did a great job and sold a lot of cd’s and also some shirts at the merch stand




a long story short, we drove to the south-west of Switzerland (to Thun) and we got surrounded by mountains
checked in the hotel Belle Vue Au it’s not to make you jealous or anything, but still, you have to see this view



we had a short powernap..we kind of found a daily ‘rhythm’ you could say
went to the venue…


we heard so many things about the’s a bit of a living legend with a legendary venue..that we became
seriously curious…and arriving there was a bit like arriving in a Rock’nRoll-story-book with Dinos, Icebears, and Mister Beat offcourse..he’s amazing


after soundcheck, we had a lovely veggie dinner, in the backstage which, I tell you, was more than just a backstage..Mr Beat is,
how shall we put it..a collector with a view, AND a real rock ‘n roll art-vision

we had a great time on stage, lovely crowd, Mister Beat did the light-show really well
and afterwards Daisy and Eva (they are really over-doing it) sold a good amount of merchandise

we said goodbye to Mr B after some nice rock’n roll-storries





we had our little hotel-room-after-concert-talk/drink and went to bed around 3 (we found a rhythm I tell you)

early breakfast around 9.30, left the hotel around 12-ish, and drove off to some sort of automatic-stairway to heaven that took us up the mountain
people looked a bit strange when they saw Eva walking down the mountain..walking is a bit of an over-statement..let’s say..stumbling on her high-heel-disco-shoes

anyway, it was a nice sight, and the amount of fresh air we inhaled made us feel a bit too. nice





we just did our soundcheck in Mainz..Schon Schö around 11-ish

keep you posted..

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