Hannover/Hangover (don’t drive to Erfurt)

due to a hasty departure we forgot our laptops which resulted to the fact that I could not blog for about 5 days..

all the pics are on the laptop, dam dam dDAM nation

anyway, here is a live-pic we received from a nice photographer called Burkard Poschinger..thank you man!



anyway, I’ll re-start and skip a couple of days, since my amnesia is playing tricks with me

Craislheim was the last one before we drove home for 2 days..
we had a great time there..it was like summer when we arrived that afternoon..we went to the parc to get some sleep..I had to take off all my clothes due to the burning heat,
(it wasn’t a pleasant site for most people I pressume, but I couldn’t care less..)
when we went in for the soundcheck, our kind host allready told me she heard about a man lying naked in the parc that afternoon..apparently news travels fast in Crailsheim :-)
I started searching for my handkerchief because my nose was bleeding (at least that’s what we do in Belgium .. act stupid as if your nose bleeds) it worked!

anyway long story short, we had a great time on stage, nice people and old skool sound system from the 80′s which sounded actually really cool

we drove home with a little bit of a hangover..and so the next stop was Belgium and Hanover (rhyming is our crime)

Glocksee (Hanover) was mental..273,50 people (we counted them..) had a great time on and off stage and a nice host called Ralf

some (quite a lot) people told us ‘DON’T DRIVE TO ERFURT’..I understood (while driving) what they ment..never saw a road making so many crazy u-turns..for about 2 hours (quite fun though)
we had to stop every 5 km due to Eva’s sickness..she was sick as a dog (or was it a cat..sick for sure)

we had a last-minute support from a Canadian band of which I forgot the name..(amnesia-early-stage)
It’s been a while since we seen something like this.. amazing is an understatement I tell you (I’m not gonna get into details)

BUT the good news is that our dear beloved Melanie from the promo mailed us that we have an interview on the biggest national radio in the region Berlin/Brandenburg next wednesday in prime-fucking-time…Radio EINS !! nice

thanks to the people we met last couple of days, and the nice publikum…really enjoyed playing for you all!! it was sehr gemütlich :-)

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