Flip-Flops in the lobby

we got out of Erfurt as soon as possible
and headed for Dortmund

we had a couple of stops on the way which gave us time to enjoy another Bock-wurst.
(apparently I’m the only one left of the four of us who likes these sausages)
flushed it down with a couple of aldi-redbull-look-a-likes

anyway short story long
we arrived in Dortmund and said hi to the ‘Cornel’ (he’s the chief of Sub Rosa..nice guy)
Bart did some wizardy-things with the 80′s-soundsystem and fixed a good sound as always
here’s a pic from the nice people we played for…thank you boyz and girlzz


we got up pretty damn early since we had a radio-session in Düsseldorf around 10.30 am
(we slept for about 4 hours again..AAh the walking-driving-dead..you should’ve seen us crawling in the van)


arrived at Hochschul Radio Düsseldorf (91.7 FM) we received some coffee (very welcome after 3 aldi-redbulls)
did an interview with the lovely Nina (I suggested that her last name was Haegen..stupid joke, I know, but I got forgiven ’cause it was still morning)
however here some pics of the session we did





we drove off to Köln, (but first had to go back to Düsseldorf ’cause we forgot a scarf and it’s f’cking freezing out here)
arrived in Köln, at the right adres..although it wasn’t the right venue..it was sort of an old-drunkard’s bar with 3 fossils in it
Eva went in to check if this was the right place (I told Bart I’m not unloading the gear for this thing) and apparently/luckily we were
at the wrong place..
long story longer..we arrived in Stereo Wonderland..but it was still closed (show-time 9, and it was already 7.15)
we didn’t get any fckng food so it got me a little pissed off (for about the first hour)
it was however a nice show with an adorable crowd, and we had a good time again
some friends of ours came to see the show, and afterwards we went up to their hotel and re-decorated the Lobby (which nobody seemed to mind)
some of us were crawling around on the fluffy carpet, and Eva even did a couple of flip-flops and some other artistic spectacular jumps in the big sofa..too bad..no pictures about this, due to a flat battery (no, I’m not censuring ourselves)

we drove off to Marburg through a snowy landscape, checked in the hotel, did the occasional afternoon-sleep (it’s not what you think it is..or maybe)
went to the venue..really cool place this was during the set-up..Bart had to pull some tricks out of his sleeve..and did a great job again

Daisy however..



Daisy Daisy..she has been getting it on with almost every guy who showed her just the slightest interest..last night in Köln, some guys were publicly rubbing her tits
and she didn’t mind at all..I talked to her, that if she continues like this, she’ll become pretty cheap..she got pissed, and I had to drag her into the van..
we’ll have to have a meeting on this subject..






anyway Marburg was lovely, not so many people, but those who were there, were really nice..thank you bz and grlz

tomorrow we drive to Potsdam, first a session on Radio Eins, and than we head to the Waschhaus..

keep you posted



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