OH MY NOKIA! Potsdam/Leipzig/Giessen

we had a good  chat with Steen from Radio Eins, and headed for the hotel to do our power-nap (for the whole 14 minutes), drove off to the waschhaus..here are some pics of the soundcheck in Potsdam

we met up with the support called Barbara Cuesta (really nice musical people) than we tried to find das boo t(somebody told Eva how to go to the boat-restaurant..what, at first seemed to be a good plan..turned out a bit different kind of plan..Eva took us the complete opposite direction, and we had to be rescued (thank god for my Nokia)

we met up with Torsten (our German agent 008) very nice guy..we told him some tour-travel-stories that didn’t made it into the blog
(let’s say, the little less-censured versions that due to the policy of ‘what happens on tour didn’t happen at home…’ didn’t made it)

anyway long story somewhat longer, we got on stage around 12, had some very special chemistry with the audience (as if they were in some kind of
drug-experiment.or maybe it was the other way around..?+/°)…afterwards it was a big party since it was a holiday the day after..so we were obliged to join
the experiment a little at least..which resulted in a black-cat-hangover the morning after…

we tried to solve that problem by fetching some breakfast (and COFFEE) and afterwards Eva saw this trampoline on the lake next to the breakfast-place
so we started jumping up and down..you never know what happened next if I don’t tell you offcourse, but I will anyway
before I went on the trampoline I took the car-keys out of my pocket (I wouldn’t be so stupid to loose them in the bottomless lake hahaha)
but I kind of forgot to take out my Nokia..so yes yes yes..I did some crazy U-turns on the trample gdvrdmm!!!! and flops off it went
luckily it was only 1 meter deep, so we fished it out..put it on the heating in the car on the way to Leipzig..and Miracles DO OCCUR
Nokia was back in business hahaha .. I-Phone eat your heart out!

(Daisy said that that’s normal, that’s the way it is..I wander if they have any Nokia’s in Aalst ?.?she says they do..not sure to trust her on this one)


Daisy was still hung over when we arrived in Leipzig..here she is sssssleeping on the mercy while we were setting it up
(no wander for the expression ‘Lazzy Daisy’)





anyway nice guy called Jorg went to dine with us after the soundcheck, checked the oldest cinema still standing in Europe (Kim Gordon played here a couple of weeks ago, and slept in Bart’s bed..he made some strange noices while we did our power-beaty-nap (I got to tell you that there’s not so much beauty left after
20 shows…so let’s say, it’s more for the sake of habit)
got on stage around 12 and had a very cosy show, with not so many, but what’s that they say .. euh..it’s not the quantity but quality..and so we had a good time
we hit the sack around 3..we couldn’t move anymore..sort of..ran out of fuel

But HEY, after the first 20 coffees the day after, we were like shining and glowing
I also had the German equivalent (Jorg said it’s twice as strong as Red Bullshit) called something like Schwarz Kaffee or something..it made me kind of dizzy at first but
after two and a half minute, it hits the spot..Red Bull is for pussies
yesterday Giessen..about 340 km..

drive, set up, check-e-check-check (we learned that from a band we met somewhere in a town that had furt as the last letters of its name), dinner, waiting..and finally show-time..Yihaaa


we turned in pretty soon after the show due to a kind of heavy tiredness .. strange..but hey..today is a day-off and tomorrow we head for Brandenburg to play the last concert of the tour..looking forward to it!! see you there :-)

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